Dave Marrs Has Update After Sharing ‘Bad News’ About Family Farm

Dave Marrs

Heavy/HGTV/YouTube Dave Marrs

There’s never a dull moment on the Marrs family farm. HGTV’s “Fixer to Fabulous” star Dave Marrs took to Instagram on April 6 to share some “bad news” from the farm and, a day later, to give a sunnier update to fans.

“We had really strong winds the other day and three of the four bee hives did not fare well. I’m really hoping the queens are ok and they decide to stay. It took a couple hours working with angry bees but I got them all set back up. More pictures to follow,” Dave captioned his original post. He told users in the video that the family’s blueberry fields remained intact despite the winds, though the bees were “not looking real good here.”

Dave Marrs Shares an Update on The Family’s Bee Hives

In his update post, Dave shared video footage of the family’s beehives and told fans, “We are back in action for the time being. I found a couple of the queens, but I did not want to get too crazy into the houses just because they’ve had a traumatic last couple of days.” Dave was sporting a beekeeper outfit in the update video, which saw him and his camera being swarmed by the nearby bees.

According to Orkin pest control, when a queen dies, the remaining workers in the colony quickly try to find a replacement, conditioning one of the growing larvae in the colony to become the next queen.

Dave gave more information about his hives in his post’s caption, confirming that only one of the four hives may need to establish a new queen. “Yesterday three of my four bee hives were on the ground from a bad wind storm. Today, we are back in action. They were pretty angry, but I was able to find all but one queen. The hive without the queen is a strong one. I’m hoping they will rear up a new one (is rear the right word here? 😬). Have a wonderful sun filled Sunday,” Dave wrote.

Fans took to Dave’s comment section to share their thoughts on the hive trouble, with users writing, “Oh yay! I was so sad to see them all knocked on the ground,” and “Great job Dave Marrs!! ❤️ 👏.”

High Winds Damaged the Marrses’ Blueberry Output in 2023

This isn’t the first time high winds have disrupted the Marrs family farm. Jenny Marrs revealed in a June 2023 post that rainstorms and winds had knocked out approximately half of her and Dave’s blueberry yield less than two weeks before their annual Berry Fest event, where they invited the public to come to their field and pick fresh blueberries.

Luckily, the Marrses pulled off Berry Fest without letting the lack of berries stop them. Fans and friends were still able to come and pick the remaining berries, and the live music and local vendors added to the atmosphere of the event, which successfully raised more money toward providing a sustainable food source and agricultural training for orphaned children in Zimbabwe.

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