‘Good Bones’ Star ‘Incredibly Sad’ After Unexpected Goodbye

Mina Starsiak Hawk & Karen E Laine

Heavy/HGTV/YouTube Mina Starsiak Hawk & Karen E Laine

HGTV star Mina Starsiak Hawk announced that her hit renovation series “Good Bones” was ending in August 2023. Since the show’s ended, Mina, her mother Karen E. Laine, and her brother Tad Starsiak have not all spoken, taking time and space for themselves now that they are no longer on air.

Tad, however, opened up to fans about a sudden change in his personal life in a May 22 Instagram post, revealing that he had to say goodbye to one of his dogs, Church. “Yesterday I had to say goodbye to my sweet, sweet Church boy unexpectedly. I’ve seen some s***… been through some s***, and my dogs have always been one of my greatest reminders of what’s great in the world. Connecting to a love so unconditional and enduring. Church boy was the best of them,” Tad wrote in his post’s caption.

Tad Starsiak Remembers His Late Dog, Church

In his caption, Tad went on to share his and Church’s story, writing, “I got him when I was 23. I flew to California to get him and we road tripped it back home across the states. He became a glue that helped hold me together during some rough times. Having a 150+ pound dog to hug was incredibly reassuring. He was insistent on being in my lap or pressed against me at all times, whenever and however he could. He was everyone’s favorite. A true lap dog with big ol’ brown eyes that let you see so much of his spirit.”

Fans and friends shared their condolences for Tad’s loss in his comment section, with one user commenting, “The only negative characteristic of dogs is that they don’t live long enough. I’m so sorry.”

“Tad…this hurts my heart man. Church was a teddy bear to those who knew him. He was the best pillow ever. I’m so sorry to hear this buddy. Yall are in my thoughts this week. RIP Big Church❤️🥹,” another user added, with Tad responding, “the biggest teddy bear. We’ve got some real good memories with all of our pups together and hangouts.”

“I am so sorry for your loss. He is on 🌈 Rainbow Bridge running, playing and missing you,” another user shared.

In the end of his caption, Tad also shared how he was feeling in the aftermath of his loss, writing, “My heart is incredibly sad at his departure and that our days have turned into memories. It feels like the world should pause for a moment, but it doesn’t for anything…I’ll miss fighting for room in the bed, his head plopping into my lap while I tried to work, his ability to fit into whatever space I’d give him, and the steady soulful and physical reassurance he gave me. Until next time sweet Church boy. Thank you for being my dear companion. ❤️”

Mina Starsiak Hawk is Coming Back to HGTV

Although she’s had some time off from appearing on the network, Mina’s work with HGTV never ended, as the “Good Bones” star went right to work on new projects for the network after the end of her flagship series.

Not only did Mina appear in “House Hunters: All Stars” as one of the HGTV stars helping a couple find their new home, but she also shared that she and her husband filmed a two-episode “Good Bones” spinoff about their lake house renovation.

“The run down: HGTV filmed the renovation of the main level of the house for a two episode special. The Reno and filming are done but we don’t have an air date. We are currently renovating the lower level off OFF camera and will show you progress as we go!” Mina revealed in a February 2024 Instagram story.

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