Heather El Moussa Catches Heat After Son’s First Flight


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HGTV host Heather El Moussa caught heat from fans and followers on her May 2 Instagram post, which featured her newborn son Tristan’s first flight aboard a private jet.

“Took Tristan on his first flight ever with Tay and Bray so they could be with us at The Flipping Summit and see us in our element 🤍 Tristan did such an incredible job,” Heather wrote in her post’s caption. The post included a slideshow of photos showing off Heather and baby Tristan, along with Heather’s husband and co-host Tarek El Moussa and his two children with ex-wife Christina Hall, Taylor (12) and Brayden (7), as well as Tarek’s mother Dominique.

Fans Comment on Heather El Moussa’s Post

Fans were happy to see Heather and her family had a smooth flight, however many were unable to relate to her latest post as the family flew on a private plane. One fan directly asked “You guy’s have a private jet? 😱 Whhaattt” and Heather responded to clarify, “no we don’t have our own. Our friend flew us and we fly set jet and charter jets sometimes”.

“Love that it went well but many moms can’t relate to your flight experience on a private jet…..” another fan commented, which prompted one user to defend Heather, replying with ” plane is a plane – flying is flying – she breast fed him before and after and that’s what helped nothing to do with being in a private jet” to which Tarek replied with “👏👏👏”.

Another user justified Heather’s choice to fly private, writing “How y’all complaining about her flying private, like she really has a choice. She is a celebrity! They barely get privacy as it is lol not to mention she worked hard af so why not enjoy it! broke ppl stay bothered fr 🤣 #yougogirl”.

“Not all Mamas have the luxury of a private plane. But good for you and your ‘tips’ 🙄” one fan commented, referencing a “mom tip” that Heather included in her caption, telling other mothers that she “breast fed [Tristan] on the way up and then again on the way down to help with ear popping- It worked perfectly and then the rest of the flight he just giggled, played and looked around and was so happy & didn’t cry once… he loved the new environment 🫶🏻”.

Another user commented about Heather’s “mom tip”, sharing that “it’s hit or miss [when flying commercial] on if you can make this work, because of the position fly attendants make you to hold them during take off/landing for safety reasons. Some enforce it more than others. So just be prepared for this not to be an option.”

‘The Flipping El Moussas’ Ratings Fell During Season 1

The first season of Heather and Tarek’s HGTV show “The Flipping El Moussas” wrapped up in April 2023, and according to the US Television Database, the ratings fluctuated greatly during the 8-episode first season’s run. The March 2 premiere opened with 796,000 viewers, and the next four episodes saw major ups and downs in viewership. The season’s highest-viewed episode was its fifth, which aired on April 6 and brought in 929,000 viewers, however the following three episodes all fell in viewership, with the April 27 finale reaching a season low of 681,000.

As of this article’s publishing, HGTV has yet to announce a renewal or cancellation for this freshman series, however per Tarek’s recent responses to negative comments about the show, he seems to be confident that he and Heather “aren’t going anywhere 😎”.

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