HGTV’s Tarek El Moussa Breaks Arm in Accident

Tarek El Moussa

Heavy/Getty HGTV's Tarek El Moussa

Longtime HGTV star Tarek El Moussa is adjusting to life in a cast and sling after breaking his right arm in a nasty fall. On September 28, 2023, El Moussa revealed the injury in an social media video taken by his wife and “The Flipping El Moussas” co-star Heather El Moussa as they traveled to New York to appear at a marketing conference.

Tarek shared a before-and-after look at his week, beginning with video footage of him weightlifting at the gym but ending with him walking through the airport with his arm in a sling.

“I woke up Monday morning feeling SO motivated and at the peak of my fitness game,” he wrote, “and then 10 hours later life humbled my a** real quick. 🤣 But a broken arm can’t stop me!”

Here’s what you need to know:

Tarek El Moussa Wishes He Had a ‘Cooler Story’ on How He Broke His Arm

Fans flooded Tarek’s post with well-wishes and questions about what happened. The real estate and home flipping expert, who rose to fame with his ex-wife Christina Hall on the long-running show “Flip or Flop,” responded to multiple fans about the accident.

To one person who inquired about what happened, Tarek wrote, “tripped, fell, and landed wrong. I’m working on a cooler story 🤣”

When another person asked how it happened, Tarek reiterated, “tripped and fell and landed right on my arm. Not my proudest moment 😆”

One follower noted that “life will be a pain in the a** for a while” given that Tarek is right-handed, to which he replied, “I know right! Of course it would be my right one 🤦‍♂️”

Another person commented, “What did you do to receive ‘The Humbling?'”

Tarek replied, “I’ve been wondering the same thing 😂”

Despite the injuries, the El Moussas kept their commitment to fly from California to New York for the ZetaLive ’23 conference, run by one of their best friends, ZetaGlobal founder David Steinberg, and featuring celebrity entrepreneurs including actor Seth Rogan, mindfulness guru Deepak Chopra and Olympic Gold medal soccer player Brandi Chastain.

After Previous Health Crises, Tarek El Moussa Says Broken Arm ‘Won’t Stop’ Him

Heather and Tarek El Moussa

HGTVHeather and Tarek El Moussa

Tarek’s broken arm comes on the heels of announcing that his book on resilience, “Flip Your Life: How to Find Opportunity in Distress — in Real Estate, Business and Life,” will be released in February 2024 and is available for preorder. The book will chronicle his journey through multiple challenges, including battling an addiction to steroids after facing testicular and thyroid cancer, People reported.

“I’ve spent the past 7 years writing this book and it’s a very personal one for me,” El Moussa wrote in his September 21 Instagram post. “I share my entire journey and all of the struggles that have accompanied it such as cancers, divorce, addiction, business struggles, and more. I put my heart and soul into this book and got really vulnerable with it, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.”

Having gone through so many ups and downs, Tarek assured fans on social media that he won’t let his broken arm hold him back.

One follower wrote, “This guy has some resolve tho. He has been through the ringer: cancers, spinal surgery, public divorce and keeps coming back like a beast.”

Tarek replied with three flexed biceps emoji. When another fan said he’ll have to modify his workout plan, the dad of three replied, “it won’t stop me 🙌”

The El Moussas are in the midst of filming their second season of “The Flipping El Moussas,” due to debut on HGTV in early 2024.

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