Lyndsay Lamb Shows Off Vintage Car Collection

Lyndsay and Justin Lamb

HGTV / YouTube Lyndsay and Justin Lamb

Many HGTV hosts have passions outside of interior design and home renovation, and “Unsellable Houses” host Lyndsay Lamb is no exception.

Lamb gave HGTV fans a tour of her home in a September 6 post on the HGTV YouTube channel where she gave viewers a look into her and her husband, Justin’s, vintage Volkswagen collection, and on September 28, HGTV shared a closer look at the cars on their website.

During the house tour, Lamb’s twin sister and “Unsellable Houses” co-host Leslie Davis drove up in the 1978 Bay Window Bus which Lamb had named Ginger, and the twins began detailing their love of historic Volkswagen cars.

Leslie Davis Drove a Vintage Volkswagen Convertible in High School

During her house tour, Lamb and Davis revealed that their love for classic VW cars began in high school when Lamb purchased a red 1979 vintage Super Beetle convertible, which she named Fran.

“Fran was actually my very first car I ever bought myself,” Lamb explained, “I saved up my money in high school and I remember driving it to high school. [Davis and I] thought we were so cool.”

“We had a box of scarves we’d leave in the back seat,” Davis added, “and every morning we would pick out a scarf, tie it around our head so that it wouldn’t blow our ponytail, and then we would take down the top and we would ride to school with the top down. All year long, Winter, Summer, doesn’t matter.”

Lamb also revealed that her husband Justin proposed to her from Fran’s driver’s seat. Lamb and Justin were high school sweethearts. The pair got engaged at 19 and have been together ever since. They now share one son, Miles, who celebrated his own high school graduation earlier this year.

According to HGTV, Lamb got rid of Fran when Miles was born, opting for a more traditional family car. While Lamb figured she would never see Fran again, she told the network that years later “She came back to us.” As the story goes, Lamb and Davis were out in downtown Snohomish, Washington, where they both live, and they spotted what they thought was a lookalike for Fran. After speaking with the owner and running a check, however, they realized that they were looking at the same exact car that they rode together in high school. It didn’t take long for Lamb to make the new owner an offer and buy back her old love.

Lyndsay Lamb & Her Husband Justin Flip Volkswagen Cars


The last car in Lamb’s collection is a white 1969 Beetle named Penelope, which she said she drives the majority of the time. Although the collection she shared with viewers was only comprised of three vehicles, plenty of other VWs have made their way through Lamb’s house.

According to the network, Lamb and Justin have owned more than two dozen Volkswagens in their time together, as Justin has a love for fixing them and re-selling them much like his wife does with homes. Although they’ve seen many cars come and go, Ginger, Fran, and Penelope have stood the test of time.

“On a nice day in the PNW, there’s nothing more enjoyable than riding around in your old, classic Volkswagen on our curvy, hilly roads. It just fits,” Lamb said.

“Unsellable Houses” airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern on HGTV.

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