Show Shakeup: HGTV’s ‘Unsellable Houses’ Replaces Longtime Cast Member

Leslie Davis, Lyndsay Lamb

Heavy/HGTV Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb of HGTV's "Unsellable Houses"

Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis are kicking off the fourth season of their hit HGTV series, “Unsellable Houses,” with a new team member replacing one of the show’s original cast members.

In an Instagram post ahead of the season 4 premiere on September 10, 2023 — which was supposed to premiere over the summer until a last-minute schedule change — Davis wrote that she and her twin sister can’t wait for viewers to “officially” meet their new “leading man,” Owen Mather, the new “in-house head contractor” at their renovation and design company, Lamb & Co.

Alongside a series of photos the sisters have taken with Mather, Davis wrote, “Owen is truly one of the most loyal, authentic, kind humans we have ever met and we know you’re going to love him (and our pawject manager, Esau 🐶) as much as we do.”

But some fans have expressed concern over Mather replacing the show’s longtime contractor Jeff Laurence, who used to be his boss.

Here’s what you need to know:

Owen Mather Has Worked Behind the Scenes on ‘Unsellable Houses’

The season 4 kickoff of “Unsellable Houses” will premiere on Mather’s birthday, Davis wrote in her Instagram post. The series follows Davis and Lamb as they reimagine and transform hard-to-sell houses in Washington state, a process Mather is very familiar with, having worked behind the scenes on the show since it began.

Before joining the team, Mather worked for J.L. Remodeling, a local renovation company owned by Laurence, who has been a regular on “Unsellable Houses” as the sisters’ primary contractor. As his employee, Mather has been involved in helping with the show’s renovations from the beginning, occasionally seen in the background or in social media posts about the series.

Mather officially joined Lamb & Co. in 2022 as the director of Lamb renovations, he shared on Facebook, charged with “managing all of the moving parts,” per the Lamb & Co. website. His new role now has him front and center on the show, advising and managing the sisters’ renovations.

Mather and his wife Ashley, whom he married in 2019, have a little boy born in January 2022, per Facebook. He also has Esau, his dog and constant companion, who is even listed on the Lamb & Co. website as an official member of its team and “the goodest boy.”

Lamb & Co. Confirms Jeff Laurence Will No Longer Appear on ‘Unsellable Houses’

In an Instagram post on August 24, Lamb wrote, “Within the last year, we officially launched Lamb & Co. Renovation alongside @lambandcodesign and we are so excited for you to watch the adventure unfold.”

That means the sisters no longer need to rely on outside companies like J.L. Remodeling to oversee their renovations. Some “Unsellable Houses” fans expressed concern on social media that the change — and the addition of Mather — means his former boss, Laurence, won’t appear on the show anymore.

They were right. The Lamb & Co. account confirmed Laurence is no longer part of “Unsellable Houses.”

“Jeff will not be on this season,” the Lamb & Co. account replied. “He’s focusing on growing his business and we’re expanding ours with Lamb & Co. Renovation—wishing him and his company nothing but the best!”

One fan commented, “It won’t be the same without without Jeff!!! I will miss him.”

Another fan wrote, “Oh no!!!!! I’ll miss Jeff, loved his reactions to some of your ideas.”

Davis then popped in on the comment section and countered, “@owenpixs13 is the best thing to happen to our show since Esau.”

Laurence has now spoken up, too. Hours before “Unsellable Houses” was set to launch its new season on September 10 — with two back-to-back episodes beginning at 8 p.m. Eastern time — J.L Remodeling uploaded a new video to its YouTube page featuring Laurence playing pool and talking about his future.

“So, a lot of people have been wondering what I’ve been doing with my time since I stopped filming ‘Unsellable Houses,'” he said before the video showed black and white clips of him appearing on the show via a small TV with static.

“Some people have been asking, ‘Where’s Jeff?'” he continued, as screenshots of social media comments appeared. “Well, I’ve actually been pretty busy.”

The video then showed footage of him working on renovation projects locally and on mission trips, seemingly teasing his own YouTube reality show before an ending graphic appeared that said, “Welcome to the new era.”

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Karolyn Fafard
Karolyn Fafard
10 days ago

Sad to know that Jeff will no longer be on Unsellable Houses, when the program comes on he’s the first person I look for, he’s
an a lot of fun, love to see his reaction when the girls tell him something that they wanna change. He’s such a good guy an although the show will still be a success, I won’t enjoy it at much without Jeff. I watched this series from when it first started an I watch it over an over cause I love it so much, now that Jeff is not there, I’m not so sure.

Veronica Rodriguez
Veronica Rodriguez
10 days ago

Have watched this show from the beginning. Love Jeff and his humor, fits right in with the girls. Watched a few minutes of new season without Jeff and really not a fan. I would rather see the girls without a highlighted contractor than see someone other than Jeff. It’s like watching I Love Lucy and replacing Fred. Sorry, dont like the new contractor. Unable to watch.

Lynn Blecharz
Lynn Blecharz
10 days ago

Have been watching the show for awhile now. Was excited to see the new season on and looking forward to seeing what the three of them will do this season, but was very sad to see JEFF was not on there. He was funny, a joy to watch and seemed to be a genius at remodeling. I so enjoyed the show. Just not feeling the chemistry with the new guy. Maybe they can figure out a way to get him back.

Lynn Blecharz
Lynn Blecharz
9 days ago
Reply to  Lynn Blecharz

Just and’ update on my post. Wanted to add that I didn’t mean any disrespect to the New Guy, just wanted to let the Sisters know I will miss Jeff and his humor and talents. Again, maybe you can figure a way to have Both of them on, maybe you can have them on every other show. Maybe!!!

Michele Soper
Michele Soper
9 days ago

I really miss Jeff’s humor, he just fit right in with the girls. I’m sure Owen’s fine ,,but it just won’t be the same ,,wishing him all the best though, Jeff that is ,I’m sure Owen will be fine.

j Dembeck
j Dembeck
8 days ago

Not the same show….
NO JEFF, and Lynsay is being so rude to Leslie I find no humor in her dialog. I am not a fan of this season, I will not be watching.