Sarah Baeumler Reveals Husband Bryan’s Hidden Talent

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler

Heavy/HGTV/YouTube Bryan and Sarah Baeumler

HGTV’s hit reality competition series “Rock the Block” returns for its all-star redemption season, season 5, on Monday, March 4, at 9 p.m. Eastern. In anticipation of the new crop of episodes, HGTV shared a behind-the-scenes video with each of the cast members talking about the competition and a bit more about their backgrounds that brought them into the design, renovation, and construction fields.

During the video, Sarah Baeumler opened up about going to the same high school as her husband Bryan Baeumler in a small town in Canada growing up, and opened up about one of his high school passions.

Hear what Sarah had to say below.

Bryan Baeumler Played the Flute in School

“I am from Oakville, Ontario, Canada, which was a great little town to grow up in, because I met Bryan,” Sarah shared in the March 1 HGTV video. “We went to school together since a young age. Bryan used to play the flute, and he was always the nerdy kid in music class. But that’s his story to tell. He’s all macho now, but not then.”

Bryan left any mention of his musical past out of his interview. When asked about his interests growing up, he said, “My interests were fishing, riding the dirt bike, snowmobile. Lighting things on fire.”

Despite not mentioning the flute in his HGTV interview, Bryan previously opened up about his choice to play the woodwind instrument in a June 2023 clip from the DOZR YouTube channel.

“During our band competitions in high school, all the guys playing the trumpets and all the guys playing the drums and all the guys playing guitar, they’d all go off in a room with all the other schools and play instruments together, and they would say ‘Okay, all the ladies and Bryan, take your flutes and head over to that room.’ So there was strategy involved,” Bryan shared.

Elsewhere in the HGTV interview, Bryan opened up about how he transitioned from high school student to construction worker and the advice his mother gave him that he still thinks about to this day. “I opened my first company at 14, called the Moon River Handymen. We started hauling garbage and mowing lawns, and we ended up working for a framing contractor, building. My mom would say ‘Keep your nose clean, show up when you say you’ll be there and do what you say you’ll do, clean up at the end of the day, cash the check, pay the taxes, and do it again tomorrow, and life will be good,'” Bryan shared.

Who Will Be the Biggest Competition on ‘Rock the Block’ Season 5?

At the end of the HGTV interview, the Baeumlers and their competitors — Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis (“Unsellable Houses”), Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas (“Bargain Block”), and Page Turner and Mitch Glew (“Fix My Flip”) — were asked who they thought would be the biggest competition going into the season.

“I think Lyndsay and Leslie are going to be a force to be reckoned with,” Sarah said, with Leslie returning the favor and saying the Baeumlers are her biggest threat. She cited the couple’s experience with waterfront renovations as a big leg up for them, as “Rock the Block” season 5 is the series’ first season to take place along the water, in Treasure Island, Florida.

“My biggest threat this season is Sarah, my wife,” Bryan joked.

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