HGTV Crowns the Winner of ‘Ugliest House in America’ Season 2

Retta and Alison Victoria

YouTube/Discovery+ Retta & Alison Victoria on “Ugliest House in America.”

HGTV has crowned a new “Ugliest House in America.”

This year’s theme was “Ugly in Paradise.” For weeks, viewers have joined Retta as she toured the wackiest, tackiest and least practical homes in vacation destinations. After choosing one finalist from each region, one house earned the title and a $150,000 renovation from Alison Victoria.


The homes in contention were House With No Privacy in Palm City, Florida; The Jailhouse Rock in Larkspur, Colorado; The Linoleum Showroom in Los Angeles, California; Unwelcome to the Terrordome in High Rolls, New Mexico and The Inconvenient Dollhouse Willmar, Minnesota.

So, which home won?

The House With No Privacy Won a $150,000 Makeover

As Victoria spoiled on Instagram, the House With No Privacy in Palm City, Florida won. For the last five years, Jeff and Tammy have lived in the home with their two teenage daughters.

The house features an octagonal roof and as a result, none of the walls reach the ceiling. And, unfortunately for their children, sound travels.

“Well let’s just say, been here 5 years Retta and embarrassment has happened,” Tammy explained, hinting that her daughter’s boyfriend overheard the couple being intimate. She added, “My daughter didn’t talk to me for a week.”
The house also features unsightly Pecky Cypress panels throughout and mismatched flooring in the kitchen. There are also issues with space, lacking closets and a bathroom door.

Their 15-year-old daughter is also sleeping in Tammy’s office, explaining to the “Parks and Recreation” actress, “My room had a leak in it.”

Victoria Made the House Fit for Paradise

Jeff and Tammy finally have their privacy.

As Victoria told the family of four, “Now you have this indoor oasis that I feel like anybody wants to hang out at.”

The “Rock the Block” alum removed the Pecky Cypress panels, replaced the walls with ones that reached the ceiling and created an open concept in the living, dining and kitchen areas.

She accented the largely white home with pops of green in the appliances and a built-in bookcase.

Victoria also renovated the bathrooms, the main bedroom and the bedroom of the couple’s 15-year-old.

“I always thought this house had potential, but I never thought they could make it like something out of a magazine,” Tammy said after the reveal. “We feel so blessed, we could have never had the vision to actually see it to fruition. It’s absolutely breathtaking.”

‘Ugliest House in America’ Will Return for a 3rd Season

The hunt for the wackiest, tackiest and least practical homes across the country will continue! Just days after the season 2 premiere, HGTV announced “Ugliest House in America” will return for a third season.

Six new episodes are slated to premiere in early 2023, the network announced in a press release.

“Millions of people tuned-in to watch Retta hilariously celebrate the ugly alongside the homeowners during the first season of Ugliest House in America, and we found some spectacularly ugly homes in paradise in season two,” HGTV Senior Vice President Betsy Ayala, said in a press release. “Just when we thought the houses couldn’t get worse, America did not disappoint. In the new season, we’ll get back on the road and give fans more of what they love most about this series – epically ugly and fantastically funny home tours with Retta.”

Viewers can catch up on the first two seasons on discovery+.

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