Larsa Pippen Addresses Having an Affair With Tristan Thompson

Getty Larsa Pippen is denying that infidelity led to her divorce with Scottie Pippen.

Kim Kardashian’s former best friend Larsa Pippen has been spilling all about her past and present relationships with the Kardashian family. Pippen opened up about her friendship breakup with Kim Kardashian, her current dating life, and her love life with some of the Kardashian men on an episode from the Hollywood Raw Podcast with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn on Monday, November 9.

Rumors circulated earlier this year that Pippen had hooked up with Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend Tristan Thompson while the two were dating before they temporarily separated. Kardashian and Thompson – who share 2-year-old daughter True – had rekindled their romance while spending quarantine together during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the podcast, Pippen confessed that she and Thompson do have a history, but she dismissed the cheating rumors. Pippen insisted that she only got together with Thompson before he started seeing Kardashian, but she didn’t elaborate on her relationship with her estranged husband Scottie Pippen. Scottie and Larsa Pippen got married in 1997, and Scottie Pippen filed for divorce in October 2016, according to People. The two reconciled for awhile until Larsa Pippen refiled for divorce in November 2018.

Tristan Thompson & Larsa Pippen Got Together Before Scottie Pippen Filed for Divorce

Larsa Pippen admitted that she hooked up with Tristan Thompson before he began dating Khloe Kardashian. Kardashian and Thompson’s relationship became public in early September 2016, according to People. If Pippen and Thompson only hung out before he saw Kardashian, that leads to a timeline of summer 2016, months before Scottie Pippen filed for divorce.

“I was kinda seeing Tristan before Khloe,” Pippen said on the Hollywood Raw Podcast with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn. “Before Khloe or any of them knew he existed. I was seeing him, I had him come to LA, I brought him to a party Kim had. I introduced him to all of them. Then a week later, or 10 days later, he started seeing Khloe. Which is fine, I don’t even care. It’s whatever.”

When Scottie Pippen filed for divorce in October 2016, his attorney Roberta G. Stanley said in a statement to People, “This is a very difficult time for Mr. Pippen. He is hopeful that the divorce will be swift and amicable. We are respecting his request to protect his privacy and the privacy of his children during the dissolution of marriage proceedings.”

Pippen continued to emphasize that she and Thompson did not see each other while he and Kardashian were dating. When asked if Thompson did cheat on Kardashian with her, Pippen explained, “No! But it’s funny how people think it. I’m the most honest person in the world. Trust me, I would never lie about something like that.”

She added “It’s hurtful people think that I hooked up and trying to ruin Khloe’s life. Dude, I would never do that. That’s not even my personality.”

Pippen Denied Cheating on Her Estranged Husband

While the podcast hosts asked if Thompson had been unfaithful, they didn’t ask her to specify the timeline with her marriage. On the Hollywood Raw Podcast with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn, she was asked if infidelity was to blame for her marriage with Scottie Pippen ending.

Pippen dismissed the rumors saying, “With Scottie, I lot of people think he cheated on her and she cheated on him. That never was the case in our relationship. Infidelity really wasn’t what was the demise of our marriage. It was other things. We just kinda grew apart and fought over things, it was never about another person. It was always about the issues we had.”

Rumors Circulated Pippen Had an Affair With Future

Shortly after Scottie Pippen filed for divorce in October 2016, rumors circulated that Larsa Pippen had been cheating on the NBA player with rapper Future. The rumors concluded that because of the alleged cheating, Scottie Pippen filed for divorce. Both Future and Larsa Pippen denied the affairs at the time, and she elaborated about it on the affair.

“Then I met Future and he and I became friends and we hung out for a little bit. It was definitely a respectable relationship,” she said on the Hollywood Raw Podcast with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn. “We were friends and we needed each other at that moment. I think people make more of it, for better conversation, for people to say she cheated on [Scottie]. It was none of that. Scottie wasn’t even living at home with me.”

Pippen added that the two met at a dinner party in Miami and became friends instantly. “We related on the most simple organic way,” she said. “I didn’t need anything from him, he didn’t need anything from me. We were just two people that were trying to figure our way.”

Heavy reached out to Larsa Pippen’s representatives for comment.

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