‘LHHH’: Is A1 the Father of Lyrica’s Baby, Ocean?

A1 Bentley and Lyrica Anderson

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On the latest Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, two cast members came to blows at Zell’s fashion show over some wicked gossip about the father of Lyrica’s baby boy, Ocean. Read on to find out what happened and what the real deal is, but be warned of spoilers from Monday’s (Nov. 18) episode, titled “Showstopper.”

A1 Is Not Gonna Play Around With Ocean’s Paternity

In the episode, Ray “MissterRay” Cunningham, a social influencer and Love & Hip Hop cast member since season four, is at Zell’s fashion show and after-party. Zell makes an offhand comment about him as he is escorting Tricia Ana outside after her fight with Star Divine.

Zell tells the group, “The last time I seen Misster Ray was when we were at the skating party, he said something along the lines like A1 might not be even be Ocean’s daddy.”

Since A1 Bentley and Lyrica Anderson are sitting right there to hear all of this, naturally they want to confront Ray about it when he comes back inside. Ray defends himself, saying he was just “repeating what [he] read online.”


“Why would you repeat that?” asks Lyrica. “Why would you disrespect me like that?” says A1. And then A1 pops Ray right in the face.

Ray can’t believe it, saying A1 was the “first one to stand up” for him when Zell “suckered-punched” him in New York.

“Now you gonna do the same sh*t? What kind of b*tch stuff is that?” asks Ray.

Summer Bunni was also somewhat involved, as she posted to Instagram that she was going to come to Zell’s event but was told she couldn’t. She has since taken the post down, but Starcasm has the details.

In her post, Bunni, whom it was rumored had an affair with A1, wrote, “So I got multiple videos and tags of my dear friend Ray getting assaulted last night at Zelle [sic] event. I was invited to the event, but when I said I was coming I was told I couldn’t show up due to the fact that 2 wack members were there.

“Now look I’ve kept it real from day 1 anything I’ve done with these so called married men I’ve admitted to. Now for this looser [sic] to lay his hands on my friend is wack. You’ve ran from me multiple times. So has your wife. Not to mention had someone sit in between us when we spoke. When are y’all going to be bold enough to talk to me. And why does it take 2 3 4 5 people to defend y’all relationship? Bro we will meet soon, and I have ALL my receipts and more! Till then, I love you ray and thanks for always having my back no matter what!”

The Paternity Question Was a Storyline From Last Season

It is certainly odd that the paternity thing is coming up again. It was a storyline on the show last season, then A1 and Lyrica went on The Wendy Williams Show to clear the air. They took a paternity test that revealed A1 is Ocean’s father.

At the time, A1 said that he “knew it” all along, but that “things happen.” And Lyrica, who it had been rumored had slept with Safaree Samuels, said, “I did this for him … I wanted him to feel comfortable. I felt like since I was the one getting badgered with the rumors he was owed that. I always knew.”

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