Joe Gorga Predicts Teresa Giudice’s Marriage Won’t Last Long

Joe Gorga

Bravo Joe Gorga dissed his sister Teresa Giudice's marriage.

Joe Gorga doesn’t have a lot of faith that his sister, Teresa Giudice’s, marriage will last forever.

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star married her second husband, Luis Ruelas, in August 2022 at the Park Chateau and Gardens in East Brunswick, New Jersey. Gorga and his wife, Melissa, skipped the wedding amid an ongoing family feud, and now he’s lighting even more fire to the situation.

When asked how long he thinks his estranged sister’s marriage to Ruelas will last, Gorga gave a not-so-surprisingly shady answer.

Here’s what you need to know:

Joe Gorga Said His Stand-Up Comedy Career Will Last Longer Than Teresa Giudice’s Marriage

Gorga, 42, is a businessman and cast member on RHONJ, but he also has a side career as a stand-up comedian. And when he was asked about his sister’s marriage, he cracked a joke.

The subject came up at BravoCon 2022 during a “Watch What Happens Live” special taping, titled “Dynamic Duos.” When Gorga was asked what he thinks of his sister’s marriage during a game of “Truth or Drink,” he didn’t miss a beat. After host Andy Cohen asked “What do you think will last longer: Joe’s stand-up career or Luis and Teresa’s marriage?”, Gorga’s wife of 18 years opted to take a sip of her drink instead of answering the question.

But Joe Gorga didn’t miss a beat. “I’m gonna answer the question,” he said, per “My stand-up career, baby!”

“I said it!” Gorga added as Cohen looked on in shock. “I’m so funny!”

Gorga must not have much faith in his sister’s marriage, considering his comedy career is a little shaky. The RHONJ husband started performing stand-up comedy in 2019 when he did a set at “The Real Italians of Comedy” in West Nyack, New York, according to Page Six.  He has also performed shows at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City,  Caroline’s on Broadway, and more venues, but he hasn’t always received rave reviews. In December 2021, TMZ shared a video clip of Gorga’s stand-up gig at the Governor’s Comedy Club in New York City and noted that he “bombed” during his set and cursed at the audience.

Joe Gorga Cried When Teresa Giudice Got Engaged to Luis Ruelas

Gorga and Giudice’s bad blood caused issues at BravoCon even before his joke about his sister’s marriage. Event organizers made sure to schedule them for different events, and “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” panel even had to be split into two parts, Cohen confirmed, according to People.

But despite the beef, Gorga claimed he still loves his big sister and respects his new brother-in-law. “She is the older one in our family, she’s my older sister, and whatever she says, goes. I’ve done everything right, I really have. I respected her, I loved her, I respected Louie and my wife has respected her,” he said.

Gorga also gave his approval to Ruelas before he proposed to Giudice in Greece, and he admitted that he cried when he heard the engagement news.

“I’m so excited. I’m so happy for her,” Gorga told Us Weekly at the time. “She needed that Superman to come in and take her life and fix it, and that’s what he’s doing. I always said she needed a beast of a man, and he is one of them.”

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