Kathy Hilton Fires Back After Criticism: ‘Leave My Dead Mother Alone’

Kathy Hilton.

Getty Images Kathy Hilton claps back following criticism.

Former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Kathy Hilton is firing back after she commented on an Instagram post.

The interaction happened after Page Six reported on the death of Irish singer Sinead O’Connor. In the comments section of the outlet’s Instagram post, Hilton left prayer hands and a red heart emoji. Under her initial comment, she wrote, “The last 3 days of my Mothers life Sinead OConnors [sic] music was all she listened to.”

From there, Hilton received a couple of responses — but a few in particular elicited a response from the former reality star.

“Why would you play music of some whack job who walked with the devil on earth for your dying mom who’s would I’m sure prefer to go to heaven ?? Seems odd,” the Instagram user asked.

“I am not a DJ I’m sure she had no knowledge of that.She liked the music leave my dead Mother alone,” Hilton responded.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kathy Hilton Responded to a Few Other Comments on the Instagram Post

O’Connor’s death was first confirmed by The Irish Times on July 26, 2023. “It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved Sinéad. Her family and friends are devastated and have requested privacy at this very difficult time,” the family said in a statement. O’Connor was just 56-years-old.

Hilton was very active on Page Six’s Instagram post about O’Connor’s death, and responded to quite a few people in the comments section.

“You read Page Six??” one person asked.

“Doesn’t everyone? Yes I do,” Hilton responded, adding the crying with laughter emoji.

Hilton responded to other comments as well, leaving prayer hand emojis as well as heart emoji.

Kathy Hilton’s Mother Died Following a Battle With Breast Cancer

According to People magazine, Hilton’s mom, Kathleen, died of breast cancer in 2002. Hilton and her two sisters, Kyle Richards and Kim Richards, have spoken fondly of their mother over the years.

“My mom was a very strong, outspoken woman and in that time, women weren’t supposed to be like that. Now it’s like, ‘boss lady’ — that’s a term now. But in the ’70s, if you were strong and opinionated and outspoken, it was looked down upon. And my mom was that woman — very strong,” Kyle Richards said about her mom.

Over the years, the three sisters have had their fair share of ups and downs and have gone periods of time without speaking to one another. Fans have gotten to see some of that dynamic play out on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” when Kyle Richards and Kim Richards filmed together and later on when Kyle Richards filmed with Hilton.

Despite their differences in opinion from time to time, however, the three always seem to come back together. In 2022, for example, following a disconnect with Kyle Richards, paparazzi caught up with Hilton to ask if the two were okay.

“Yeah that’s my sister, I love her,” Hilton told TMZ. And while this is likely true, Hilton and Kyle Richards went months without speaking. They have since made up, but that won’t be shown on television; Hilton has decided not to return to RHOBH for another season.

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