RHOBH Fans React to Kathy Hilton’s Tequila Meltdown

Kathy Hilton

Bravo Kathy Hilton.

Kathy Hilton’s Aspen meltdown is starting to unfold – and it may be all over some tequila.  On “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” episode “The Girl With the Diamond Earrings,” the cast’s trip to Aspen was featured, and fans began to see tension between Hilton and her sister, Kyle Richards.

There have been rumors of a blowup during the Aspen trip and that Hilton asked to go home, according to Page Six. The RHOBH season 12 trailer also teased a rough ride for Hilton and Richards, with co-star Lisa Rinna confronting Hilton for talking about her younger sister.

“You said some things about this beautiful sister of yours … I’m sorry, Kathy, you’re not going to get away with it,” Rinna said in the preview scene.

“I should have never said anything to anyone about my sister Kyle, or anyone,” Hilton told E! News. In a July 2022 interview with Entertainment Tonight, the socialite admitted that she “said some things out of frustration” at her sister.

So what’s it all about? Here’s what we know so far:

Kathy Hilton Tried to Plug Her Tequila Brand & Was Shut Down

“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” stars routinely plug their side businesses on the show. Hilton is an investor for Casa Del Sol tequila. She told The New York Post the drink is a must-have on her trip packing list. “This is so smooth. I can sip it straight or will mix it with Veuve Clicquot Rosé Champagne for a Mexican twist on the traditional French 75 cocktail,” she said.

But when Hilton began to give a spiel on a tequila brand during the Aspen trip, she was met with a rude reaction. During the cast trip, Hilton held up a bottle of Casa Del Sol, which is a tequila brand that actress Eva Longoria launched in 2021, according to Us Weekly. As Hilton held up the bottle of the tequila, she told her co-stars that her daughter Nicky and her husband James Rothschild are investors in the brand and so is she. Hilton then suggested the group all do a bottoms up. Not only did Richards laugh at Hilton’s demo, but some of the other co-stars groaned. In a confessional, Sutton Stracke said she only drinks vodka, while Erika Jayne said she has to stay away from tequila.

A promo for the upcoming episode of RHOBH shows Hilton getting upset when the group is out in Aspen and she notes that the bar they are at has her tequila brand. Rinna is then seen ordering a shot of 818 tequila, which she says is her “friend Kendall Jenner’s tequila.”

An upset Hilton is then seen complaining about her co-stars drinking the rival tequila in front of her. “In front of me here right now and Kyle doesn’t do a  f***ing thing about it,” she says.

“I am  f***ing pissed off,” Hilton is shown saying as she exits the bar.

You can see the clip below:

RHOBH Fans Reacted to the Scene & Many Blasted Richards & Rinna

On social media, fans couldn’t believe that the upcoming Kathy Hilton takedown may be over some tequila.

“That was really rude and crappy of Rinna,” one commenter wrote on Instagram. “Unbelievable. Just be polite and try her tequila. You can tell she’s proud of it, just like Rinna is of ALLLLL the stuff she hawks…”

“I think Rinna wasn’t ordering 818 for any other reason but to be passive aggressive towards Kathy,” another agreed.

“LISA RINNA SET KATHY HILTON UP!! Rinna knew what she was doing by snubbing Kathy’s tequila,” wrote another.

“Kathy can’t promote her little tequila but we have to deal with a Rinna Beauty and Agency advertisement every week… please #RHOBH,” another fan tweeted.

“Kyle was so clearly trying to sabotage Kathy’s tequila scene,“ another fan tweeted. “The show has served as a decade-long advertisement for The Agency, but god forbid Kathy takes a moment to promote her daughter’s business. What a s*****y sister.  #RHOBH.”

“@KyleRichards is a vile human being to interrupt her sister. All of those women sell their s*** like swimwear, wedding gowns, wine, cosmetics, kaftans but god forbid Kathy takes a few minutes to share her tequila. Shame on you Kyle,” another wrote.

When another fan wrote of Hilton, “She was so cute, all excited to show the ladies the tequila… and then Kyle just scoffs at her/ none of them even acted slightly interested. It was so sad to watch,” the socialite’s daughter, Paris Hilton, responded, “So unkind.”

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