Kathy Hilton Reveals How Lisa Rinna Surprised Her Months After Their RHOBH Blowout

Kathy Hilton and Lisa Rinna

Heavy/Getty Kathy Hilton and Lisa Rinna.

Kathy Hilton gave an update on her relationship with  Lisa Rinna nearly two years after they had a blowout in Aspen while filming  “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

In an interview posted on entertainment  reporter Kirbie Johnson’s Instagram story, Hilton opened up about where she stands with Rinna, whom she once called “the biggest bully in Hollywood.”

While speaking at her DIRECTV “Christmas at Kathy’s” fundraiser, Hilton revealed that Rinna sent her a peace offering earlier this year and that all is “good” between them.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kathy Hilton Said She Has No Grudges Against Rinna

Kathy Hilton.

Getty ImagesKathy Hilton.

In 2022, Hilton left RHOBH after two seasons. In the interview posted on Kirbie Johnson’s Instagram Reel on November 28, 2023,  she said she “enjoyed” all of the RHOBH cast.

“I have to tell you I enjoyed everybody,” she said. “I had a great time for two years. That one last episode was unfortunate. You know, we’re all grown and we look at what’s going on in the world right now it’s so unimportant.”

“I received the most beautiful bouquet and the most beautiful letter about six months ago and I walked downstairs and  I thought,  it’s not my birthday, it’s not my anniversary, Hilton continued. “I opened the card and it was from Lisa Rinna. And I called her to thank her, and we talked for about 20 minutes. And you know she is doing very well. She’s happy, She’s modeling, she’s on a new TV show, Ryan Murphy, who I love and adore. So I’m very happy. I’m happy. I don’t carry any grudges and I don’t think she does either and we’re good.”

Hilton elaborated during a November 29 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live.” When a caller asked if she has spoken to Rinna, Hilton replied, “Actually yes.”

“And I received the most beautiful giant flower bouquet and a beautiful card and I called her to thank her and we talked for about 20 minutes,” she continued. “She’s doing well and I’m very happy for her, and, you know we always had such a good time. …Especially now with everything that we’re all going through in this world, we got to be together.”

During Hilton and Rinna’s final season on the show, they got into a blowout after returning home from a nightclub in Aspen. Rinna later alleged that Hilton made horrific comments about her sister Kyle Richards and other co-stars, and she called her “the devil.” The meltdown was not caught on camera.

Rinna claimed she was so “shook” by Hilton’s behavior that locked herself in a bedroom. She later confronted Hilton and said, “I’m sorry, Kathy, you’re not going to get away with it with me. … You’re not going to just gaslight and manipulate me.”

At the RHOBH season 12 reunion, Hilton called Rinna “the biggest bully in Hollywood.” “And everyone knows it,” she added.

Hilton later told TMZ she would only consider returning to RHOBH if Rinna and Erika Jayne were gone. “I feel there are two bullies that intimidate a lot of the other girls,” she said. “Because they’re capable of anything, Erika and Lisa. They’ll throw anybody under the bus.”

Lisa Rinna Previously Said She Spoke to Kathy Hilton After Their Fight

Lisa Rinna and Kathy Hilton

GettyLisa Rinna and Kathy Hilton.

The post peace offering phone call was not the first time Hilton and Rinna spoke following the reunion. In January 2023, Rinna told Interview magazine she ran into Hilton at the People’s Choice Awards that took place December 6, 2022. Rinna’s husband, Harry Hamlin, convinced her to speak to Hilton.

“Harry said to me, “You really should just say hi to her and just try to move on from this because it’s not going to do either one of you any good,’’ Rinna shared. “So at the People’s Choice Awards, I saw her. We had already had moments together where we didn’t talk and didn’t even acknowledge one another. And I said, ‘Hi Kathy, how are you? You look great.” And it broke the ice.”

She also said she gave credit to Hilton for showing up at the reunion.

“She came and she fought,” Rinna said, later adding, “Listen, Kathy Hilton is great. There are great things about Kathy Hilton. …What happens in the moment on the show is one thing. I don’t necessarily want to carry toxicity, I can clean up my side of the street. I might not be chatting with Kathy Hilton, but then I was at the People’s Choice Awards. So it evolves and it changes.”

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