Kyle Richards Reveals What She’s Looking For in New RHOBH Co-Star

Kyle Richards

Bravo Kyle Richards talked about RHOBH season 13 casting rumors.

Kyle Richards is looking for some laughs next season on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

On February 1, 2023, The OG Bravo star spoke out while on the red carpet for the Red Dress Collection, where she was asked who she’d like to see replace Lisa Rinna next season. In January 2023, Rinna announced her exit from RHOBH after eight seasons.

“Well I’ve always said [Chrissy Teigen]” Richards told “Extra” of a potential RHOBH replacement. ”Because Chrissy’s, you know, very fun and funny, but I know she has the baby. So I don’t know, now I have my eyes peeled for some other people. You never know.”

Teigen, 37, and her husband John Legend welcomed their third child, a baby girl, in January 2023.

Richards added there is one thing she is looking for in an RHOBH castmate after a tumultuous season 12 in 2022.

“Oh my gosh I mean I just want someone who’s fun and funny you know,” she said. “I just want to laugh and have fun. Is it wrong? That’s all I want.”

Chrissy Teigen Previously Shot Down the Idea of Joining The Real Housewives

Chrissy Teigen


Richards previously named Teigen as a potential RHOBH replacement. In January 2023, she told TMZ, “I always said Chrissy Teigen would be the best. It’s not an easy job, believe it or not.”

But Teigen has shot down the idea of joining the Real Housewives world. The wife of John Legend told Entertainment Tonight the reality franchise is a big “no” for her.

“A lot of people think that I, like, love conflict or I’d be so good on, like, Real Housewives or something,” she said in June 2022. “I’m always like, ‘No, no.’ I enjoy mediation. Big, brutal conflict and attacks and stuff is not me.”

“Any one of [the Real Housewives] would scare the crap out of me because they could really go in,” she added.

Andy Cohen Said ‘Funny Goes A Long Way’ in Casting Real Housewives

Lisa Rinna

BravoLisa Rinna.

While RHOBH is known for its drama, in October 2022, Richards told Insider that the fun times are what keep her coming back to the show each season. “Obviously people always ask me, ‘How do you hang in there all these years?’ — 12 years for me — and what keeps me hanging in there is the laughter and the fun that we do have,” she said.

But while she probably won’t get Teigen, Richards could at least get some “funny” next season on RHOBH. “Watch What Happens Live” host Andy Cohen has stated in the past that he looks for humor when casting women for the Real Housewives franchise.

“I think someone that has a sense of humor or who is funny either deliberately or who is funny but doesn’t realize is funny is really, really good,” he said of casting potential Housewives stars in 2017, per

And during an October 2022 appearance on “The Today Show,” Cohen reiterated that “funny goes a long way” when it comes to casting Housewives.

“I don’t think the Housewives would still be going 16 years later if there wasn’t a great sense of humor and originality and the ability to lead your life openly in front of the cameras,” the Bravo host said. “Those are all really great hallmarks of a great Housewife.”

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