Kyle Richards Reveals the Secret to Her Weight Loss

Kyle Richards

Getty Kyle Richards revealed what she did to lose weight.

Kyle Richards revealed the secret to her weight loss. “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star made headlines after posting several bikini photos in January 2023, which caused fans to ask her how she got into such great shape,

According to People, after Richards posted a poolside pic of herself in a black bikini, a commenter asked her how she changed her body.

“NO alcohol, bread, pasta, sugar. I eat protein, fruit and vegetables,” the 54-year-old mom of four replied. “Now that I am the weight I want to be, I will have the occasional small amount of pasta etc once in a while. But no alcohol since July 15.”

During an Amazon Live in January, 2023, Richards revealed that she made the decision to change her eating habits and quit drinking after a month-long trip to Europe that caused her to gain weight.  “I was like’ Okay that’s it,” she said. “No sugar, no carbs, no alcohol.”

But she also previously revealed that she didn’t like seeing herself drinking on RHOBH.

Kyle Richards Couldn’t Watch Herself After She Was “Overserved” at an RHOBH Party Last Season

Richards’ decision to quit alcohol comes after she previously expressed regret over her behavior while drinking during filming for RHOBH last season. On the season 12 episode “Calamity Jayne,” Richards awkwardly butted in on Sutton Stracke and Diana Jenkins’ conversation about their past miscarriages.

After Stracke told Jenkins that she lost two babies to miscarriages, an inebriated Richards questioned the story. She then accused Stracke of making the claim about her pregnancy history “out of the blue.”

“I love you, but this feels like bulls***,” Richards said to Stracke. “You’re going to say you lost two babies? Out of the blue, you say that. We don’t know that!”

Richards also grabbed Stracke’s arm and pointed in her face as she continued to question her story. The episode aired on Bravo in July 2022, days before Richards decided to quit drinking.

On the September 7, 2022 episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” Richards expressed regret for her reaction to Stracke’s personal miscarriage story.  “I was overserved. So that’s my disclaimer for the night,” she said.

“I wish I could change a lot of things about that night. It was so bad,” she added. “And looking at it gave me so much anxiety I actually couldn’t watch the show for about five episodes after that because my anxiety was so bad.”

Richards also addressed the situation on her Instagram story, telling fans that she “obviously had a few drinks” and didn’t express herself clearly. “I was disappointed in the way I handled myself altogether,” she admitted.

Kyle Richards Has Greatly Increased Her Workouts

In addition to quitting alcohol,  Richards’ newly toned body is also the result of an intense workout plan. In her Instagram comment, she told fans, “I work out every day. Changing it up between running, cycling, hiking and yoga. Weights & stomach everyday.”

While she started making changes to her diet and drinking habits in July 2022, Richards’ New Year’s resolution was to increase her time working out.

“One of my goals for 2023 is to take my fitness to the next level,” she wrote on her Instagram story, according to  The RHOBH star also revealed that her home gym is where she will be spending time for “the foreseeable future.”

Richards’ husband, Mauricio Umansky, told the “Reality With the King” podcast that his wife has diligent with her workout routine.

“[She’s] doing a lot of walking, [and] getting herself into shape,” The Agency founder revealed in late 2022. “I’ll tell you, when you guys see her, you’ve never seen a better, sexier Kyle than on the next season … She’s in such good shape.”

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