Lisa Hochstein & Jody Glidden Trade Shots With Lenny Hochstein on Social Media

Lisa Hochstein

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Lenny Hochstein, Lisa Hochstein, and Lisa’s boyfriend Jody Glidden have been embroiled in a heated back-and-forth exchange on social media as all three took to the Instagram comments of a post by Page Six to argue their perspectives.

The latest round of barbs exchanged began after Glidden commented on a report from Page Six that he called off his wedding to his now ex-fiancée just before he was first sighted with the “Real Housewives of Miami” star. Glidden denied the timeline in a long comment on the Instagram post, but Dr. Lenny Hochstein didn’t agree with his denial and went on to accuse Glidden of planting a recording device in his car.

The plastic surgeon wrote, “@miami_jody not true. I know when you started seeing Lisa because she told me about you. I also know that the recording device you planted in my car has many previous recordings on it. Get a lawyer. You’re going to need one.” Lisa Hochstein then replied to her estranged husband, “Why don’t you just go away and leave everybody alone and move on. You have zero credibility. Nobody believes anything you have to say. You’re messy abusive mentally, and physically.”

She also told him he was a “mean nasty old man” and that Glidden was taking care of their children better than he ever had. The plastic surgeon replied in another comment that what she said was “laughable” and claimed that Glidden was “living in an apartment I pay for.” The entrepreneur then chimed in to deny those claims and said, “Lenny I have a waterfront home that I pay for and then I’m paying for half of the place for Lisa and your children.”

Glidden replied to fans who told the trio to stop being messy and public with their disputes. He explained that he didn’t have many options due to the public nature of the claims against him. “I’m sure it looks messy to comment but unfortunately that was the best of a bunch of bad alternatives,” he said. “Yes I really wish the media would stop being weaponized. My hope is that the people who called the media will reconsider how this affects our kids and find better ways to communicate.”

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Jody Glidden Said He Only Met Lisa Hochstein After He’d Already Called Off His Engagement

On November 22, Page Six reported that multiple sources claimed that Glidden called off his wedding to his ex-fiancee Rabia just days before he was first spotted with Hochstein. However, the Canadian entrepreneur denied the narrative and wrote in an Instagram comment that he broke off the engagement before he’d ever met the RHOM star and his relationship had been shaky heading into their wedding weekend.

“Lisa and I met for the first time weeks after the breakup,” he wrote. “We went on a first date about 3 weeks after my final breakup. And Lisa and I were not exclusive or serious until many months after that.” Glidden also claimed that his ex Rabia asked him for money and “said she would go to the media to mess with me if I didn’t pay. I refused,” he wrote, and said his friends and lawyers he contacted afterward would corroborate his story.

Fans Have Seen Some of Lisa Hochstein’s Divorce Proceedings Play Out During RHOM Season 6

The Hochsteins have been embroiled in a contentious divorce since Dr. Lenny first filed in May 2022, and some of their drama has been documented on “The Real Housewives of Miami” season 6. Viewers have seen Lisa Hochstein attend several court dates and fill in her co-stars and Glidden on the latest of her split.

Recently, her co-stars pleaded with her to stop bringing up her estranged husband in front of Glidden and praised her entrepreneur boyfriend for being patient with her during the breakup.

In the 4th episode of the season, Glidden visited Hochstein and played with her children. The RHOM star revealed that she’d introduced her boyfriend as “Uncle” to her 8-year-old son Logan and 4-year-old daughter Elle.

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