Fans Tell Lisa Rinna ‘Enough Already’

Lisa Rinna

Getty Lisa Rinna attends the 2020 Christian Cowan x Powerpuff Girls Runway Show on March 08, 2020 in Hollywood, California.

Lisa Rinna is known for her plump lips and she hasn’t shied away from talking about her injections in the past but many fans have taken to social media to tell the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star that they think she’s taken it too far.

The TV personality posted a video of herself glammed up and pouting for the camera with the caption, “Helena. I love her she’s Drag Hunni DRAGGGGG @glaad #GlaadAwards The Higher The Hair they say….The Closer To God.” Rinna was sporting a new wig for the occasion with long brunette tresses that she called “Helena.” This is the post in question:

As she mentioned in her caption, the look was for the GLAAD Awards, which she attended with her daughter Delilah Hamlin in skintight ruched dresses designed by Alex Perry, according to the Daily Mail. While some fans commented on Rinna’s new wig, many took to the comments to drag the RHOBH star for her lips, prompting Rinna to hit back.

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There Were a Lot of Fans Who Told Rinna Her Lips Were ‘Too Much’ in the Video & She Said It Was Just a Filter

Rinna got a lot of criticism over her large lips in the comments and she fired back at a couple of haters. One person wrote, “Too Much Lip, Truly Too Too Much.” Rinna clapped back, “NEVER TOO MUCH.” Someone else said, “Damn Rinna are your lips getting bigger????” Rinna replied, “it’s a filter relax.”

Many other fans commented, with one person writing, “omg this time no. That’s just crazy. And I’m a huge fan.” Someone else stated, “Lip liner has to go there way to Big scary!” Another agreed, “No to the lips hun. Nope.” One commenter stated, “Yes. Too much. Love the Hamlin though. Don’t love lips bigger than face.”

One fan replied and said Rinna was “becoming a caricature.” Another agreed that it was “Too much lip for sure.” Someone called Rinna “kinda scary” while another wrote, “Ugh freaky looking. Loosing herself in filters and fillers.” One of the replies was, “I can’t with those lips. That is so over the top. Like beyond way over.”

There were dozens of other comments asking Rinna to stop getting lip injections. The RHOBH star said in one comment that it was a filter and Bravo reported that Rinna’s been filler-free since 2010.

Rinna Said She Had to Get Reconstructive Lip Surgery After Getting Permanent Fillers

Lisa Rinna told the Daily Mail that she got lip injections at 24 years old and got permanent silicone filler injected. However, she said that around 10 years later, the silicone started coming through her lip and created scar tissue on her top lip.

According to the publication, she got her upper lip reconstructed in 2010 by a plastic surgeon, who removed some of the affected tissue. Now, Rinna has her own cosmetic lip line called Rinna Beauty.

“I always say, jokingly, that my lips have a career of their own,” she told the outlet. “The feedback on them was not always positive. There was a time when people were negative. But I think they became accepted when I said, ‘These are my lips! This is the way they are.'”

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