Lisa Vanderpump Reveals the Real Reason She Won’t Return to RHOBH

Lisa Vanderpump

Bravo Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump revealed if she has plans to return to “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”  The wealthy restaurateur exited the Bravo reality show in 2019 following the season 9 “Puppygate” scandal that involved a rescue dog from her Vanderpump Dogs Foundation. Vanderpump was accused of leaking a story about the scandal to tabloids, and she no longer speaks to most of her co-stars from the franchise.

Still, there has been buzz about a possible LVP return for the upcoming 13th season of RHOBH, and the SUR owner herself has sometimes fueled the rumors with cryptic social media comments.

But in a February 8, 2023 interview with E! News, Vanderpump set the record straight on whether she will be back to film with her former friends Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, and more — and her answer had nothing to do with her rocky relationship with them.

“I’m so busy right now with opening a new restaurant in Caesars,” Vanderpump said of her work schedule. “My life is kind of back to what I was doing before I was on television.  You know, I’ve already got the five restaurants, two in Vegas. Now, I’m doing another two. It’s like, really, I have a full-time job already.”

Vanderpump did admit that she will “never say never’ to an RHOBH return, but based on her comments, it’s clear she’s saying no right now.

Lisa Vanderpump Previously Teased She’d Only Return to RHOBH if There Was a Cast Shakeup

RHOBH season 12 cast

BravoRHOBH’s season 12 cast

In October 2021, Vanderpump teased that she would only consider a return to RHOBH if some of the longtime stars on the show were fired.  At the time, she was referring to former co-stars Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, Dorit Kemsley, and Erika Jayne.

“With this cast? No, it’d be impossible,” she told Entertainment Tonight when asked about a potential return to the show. “Unless they kind of cleaned house, then maybe.”

In the 2023 E! interview, Vanderpump said she was not at all surprised that Rinna has now exited the show.

Lisa Vanderpump is Only Interested in ‘Passion’ Projects at This Point

Lisa Vanderpump

GettyLisa Vanderpump.

Vanderpump owns three bars and restaurants in the West Hollywood area and two in Las Vegas, and she is also a star and producer on the Bravo reality show “Vanderpump Rules.”

But her busy life is not the only reason she would hesitate to add RHOBH to her list. In a February 2023 interview with Forbes, the 62-year-old entrepreneur said her focus is on projects that she is passionate about.

“I’ve got to a stage in my life where everything has to be a passion project,” Vanderpump said. “I’ve done so many different things that now I find that I am motivated by something that excites me.“

She added that when she first made the decision to venture into reality TV over a decade ago, she was warned against it. But she noted that her reality TV fame “opened so many doors” for things that were important to her.

“I could go speak at Congress and co-write laws with my [Vanderpump Dogs Foundation]. Working on behalf of LGBTQ, being awarded ‘Ally of the Year.’  I suddenly found being on television gave you a voice,” she revealed. “Iprump think everything I’m involved with is something that I love doing.”

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