Melissa Gorga: It’s ‘Unfair’ That Teresa Giudice Is Held to Different Standard

Melissa Gorga

Bravo Melissa Gorga

Melissa Gorga has had enough of some Bravo stars being held to different standards than others and gave her and Teresa Giudice as an example.

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star had her husband Joe Gorga on her podcast “On Display” for its 50th episode and said she felt as though Giudice and others are able to do certain things and get a “pass” for it while if she did the same thing she would get ripped for it.

Gorga began by speaking in general terms and said she wasn’t going to name names, but later gave Giudice as an example of her point. “Certain people are held [to] different standards,” she told her husband, adding, “there’s very specific people that both of us surround ourselves with or even sometimes we’re forced to be around and definitely there’s family members and cast members that are just held to a different standard than I am.”

She added that she was “sick” of it and didn’t think it was “fair” that some people “get a pass.” She said, “I feel like some of the other women that I’m around and some family members, it’s like if they do it it’s okay sometimes because it’s like they get a pass… That’s not fair, right?” She said she recently realized that she was done with it. “I’m just over giving certain people passes,” she shared. “I don’t wanna do it.”

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Melissa Gorga Accused Teresa Giudice of Talking About Them for 30 Minutes on Her Podcast But Said If She Did the Same She Would Be Ripped for It

Gorga began by speaking in general terms about her co-stars and “family members” but later spoke about Giudice in particular, telling Joe Gorga that they could put out an episode each day to rebut everything that was said about them but that it wasn’t worth it.

She said she found it “funny” that people have accused her of “needing to talk about my in-laws and your sister” for “storylines” when she said she hasn’t addressed spoken about Giudice since the finale with the exception of BravoCon when they “had no choice.” Meanwhile, the RHONJ star said she was “listening and reading these quotes” from people “literally speaking about me,” like Giudice. She shared:

For instance, Teresa speaking about me on her own podcast [“Namaste B$tches”] for over 30 minutes and I’m just like, if I did that, she or anyone that listens to us would never let us live it down. And I just think it’s unfair that the expectations for each of us is different. And that I’m sometimes held to a higher standard.

Joe Gorga told his wife that it’s better that way in any case and that he would always “be the better person.” He concluded, “Let people bark, who cares, cause their bark is not that loud.”

Teresa Giudice & Luis Ruelas Spoke About Joe Gorga on Giudice’s Podcast With Melissa Pfeister Recently

Giudice and her “Namaste B$tches” co-host Melissa Pfeister had Luis Ruelas on their podcast this week and the Gorgas were discussed at a few points in the episode. Ruelas shared that he found Joe Gorga to be a “good human being” at his core after he first met him.

He gushed about Joe Gorga being easy to open up to and a “really good guy,” but he could understand it seeing as he and Giudice were raised in a loving household by a kind and genuine family. Giudice replied that the two were like “best friends” growing up and told her husband, “That’s how we were raised and that’s why it’s like her fault now.”

At another point in the episode, Giudice opened up about watching RHONJ clips for the first time after having avoided the show since the 3rd season. She said she was “blown away” and “upset” to see some of the comments made by her brother and sister-in-law about her and her relationship.

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