Teresa Giudice Criticized For Hiring Movers to Move Daughter Gabriella Into College

Teresa Giudice

Heavy/Getty Teresa Giudice.

Teresa Giudice’s daughter Gabriella is all moved into college, but the famous family had a lot of help getting her there.

In August 2023, the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star shared details of her second eldest daughter’s move to the University of Michigan, including a photo of a large yellow moving van and three moving company employees who helped do the job.

Fans had a lot to say about Giudice’s move-in method, and some compared it to the more traditional way that their estranged family members Joe and Melissa Gorga moved their daughter Antonia to college.

Here’s what you need to know:

Some Fans Felt Teresa Giudice’s Moving Truck Was Too Much

In August 2023, Giudice posted a plug for a moving company as she posed with workers outside of a large yellow van packed with her daughter’s belongings.  The RHONJ star even wore a yellow top that matched the color of the van.  Giudice also shared photos of the carefully packed boxes after arriving at the college.

In the caption, the mom of four noted that the moving process “could not have been easier” as the company facilitated the transfer of Gabriella’s belongings from New Jersey to Ann Arbor, Michigan. “It was so comforting knowing that all of her belongings arrived safely to the University of Michigan.💙💛,” Giudice wrote.

Gabriella’s school is located about 600 miles from her family’s New Jersey home. But some commenters still couldn’t believe that Giudice hired someone to do the move.

“You hired movers to move your daughter to college? Unbelievable 🙄,” one commenter wrote to the RHONJ star.

“A moving company for a college move!?? What a way for your daughter to stand out amongst her peers. Show some humility,” another wrote.

“It’s great to use movers when you get it for free. Isn’t Luis strong enough to pick up a couple of boxes,” another asked, referencing Giudice’s husband, Luis Ruelas.

After one commenter wrote, “Glad to see you hired complete strangers to do what MOST parents die to do,” another fan defended Giudice by pointing out that it was a major move to Michigan.

According to BravoTV.com, Giudice later shared photos of Gabriella’s’ “perfect” dorm décor which featured matching twin beds, nightstands, and lamps, a white and blue color scheme, and ottomans for her and her roommate. “Perfect decor for my college girl,” Giudice captioned an Instagram story.

Melissa & Joe Gorga Shared Video of Their Daughter Antonia’s Move to College

Around the same time that Gabriella Giudice moved into college, her cousin Antonia Gorga moved from her parents’ Franklin Lakes, New Jersey home to the University of Delaware.

Melissa posted a video to TikTok and Instagram as she and her husband Joe jam-packed their vehicles with Antonia’s belongings for the move to her school. “When trying to pack your car for college,” came the caption to the video that showed the couple piling bags and boxes into a car and a truck ahead of the two-and-a-half-hour drive to the Delaware college.

A second video showed more of Melissa and Joe packing the cars as well as a look at Antonia’s completed dorm room, which has a white and gray color scheme.


And just like that she’s gone🥹 Have the time of your life 💞 @A@Antonia Gorgaccollegeliferrhonju#udel

♬ Cruel Summer – Taylor Swift

Fans reacted to compare the Gorga’s college move to the Giudice’s.

“At least Melissa and Joe moved their daughter in themselves….no moving company for that family,” one fan wrote.

“You’re not using a moving company like Teresa? Lol. You’re real parents!” another wrote.

“Loading up the cars to move your girl into a dorm. That’s how it’s done. Who pays a moving company to do this?” a third commenter added.

Others noted that the Gorgas did it the right way because college dorms are small and parents often end up bringing some of the stuff that was packed back home with them.

“Packing the car and figuring out where everything goes is part of the college experience for the entire family!” one fan wrote.

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