RHONY Star Says Erin Lichy ‘Has Messed Up’: ‘I Would be Very Scared if I Were Erin’

The RHONY season 14 cast.

Getty The RHONY season 14 cast.

“Real Housewives of New York City” star Ubah Hassan shared she would be concerned if she were her castmate Erin Lichy.

During a September 2023 appearance on a live episode of Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast, Hassan and her castmate Sai De Silva spoke about getting prepared to film the RHONY season 14 reunion. According to Hassan, Lichy will have some things to answer for at the reunion. De Silva also stated that the real estate agent has “to take accountability” for her actions. Hassan agreed with the social media influencer, stating, “[Lichy] has messed up with anybody — with everybody.” 

“I would be very scared if I were Erin,” said Hassan. 

Hassan also stated that she did not believe Lichy was being fair when she told the cast that Jenna Lyons decided to go on their vacation early because she wanted to fly business class.

“She like pumped the girls,” said the 40-year-old.

De Silva chimed in that she believes “some people have lied about a few things.”

“I think these things need to be cleared up,” said De Silva.

Ubah Hassan Discussed Her Issues With Erin Lichy

During the “Virtual Reali-Tea” interview, Hassan acknowledged that she was at odds with Lichy while filming RHONY season 14. She explained their problems began during the cast’s trip to the Caribbean. She clarified that she no longer has a problem with Lichy. 

The model shared more information about her intense conversations with Lichy during an August 2023 interview with Entertainment Tonight. She explained that she does not usually get into arguments with others. However, she noted that “when [she is] poked properly, [she does] turn into a machete.” Hassan also stated the argument broke out because her castmate “had something of [hers].” In addition, she shared she continued to be upset about the situation for quite a while during the RHONY cast’s vacation. 

“I was not talking to anyone, you know, one of those days. Some days, it’s just, stay away from me … I need to make myself better, but in Anguilla, I couldn’t do that, right?” stated Hassan. “We’re in the same house and I think I mentioned [Lichy’s] name or something, and she said, ‘Don’t mention my name…’ and I said, ‘Oh, you are here?’ And she’s like, ‘Yeah, don’t ever mention my name again,’ and I was like, ‘Oh no, this is not gonna work.’ This is not gonna work. Don’t talk to me like that…’ and, yeah, then I just saw black for, like, nine hours. It was so long.”

Jessel Taank & Erin Lichy Also Had Issues Throughout RHONY Season 14

Jessel Taank also had uncomfortable moments with Lichy in RHONY season 14, which premiered in June 2023. During an August 2023 interview with Access Hollywood’s “Housewives Nightcap,” Taank gave an update about her friendship with Lichy following season 14. She explained that they were eventually able to have a better relationship, despite their various “misunderstandings.”

“We weren’t vibing and we weren’t clicking, but as the season goes on, we sort of get to know each other a little bit better in that way, and yeah, I think we’re in a much better place,” said Taank. 

The fashion publicist also spoke about her issues with Lichy during a September 2023 interview with Us Weekly. She noted that she did not appreciate when Lichy said she seemed to expect a certain level of treatment from others in RHONY season 14, episode 5. Taank asserted that was not the case.

“I think in the moment it was so heated and we were going back and forth and I know I said some things, and she definitely said some things, but, look, the reality is — I’m not pampered,” said the mother of two.

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