Terry Farrell Wants to Bring Back Jadzia Dax

Terry Farrell as Jadzia Dax

Paramount Terry Farrell as Jadzia Dax

It’s long been established that death in “Star Trek” doesn’t have to be permanent, and now one former cast member is looking for a shot at resurrection. 

Terry Farrell, who played Trill symbiont Jadzia Dax in “Deep Space Nine,” spoke about her desire to return as part of a panel at the 56-Year Mission Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. 

An Infamous Death

While the entire main cast of “The Next Generation” will be making appearances in season 3 of “Picard,” it might seem unlikely that Jadzia would be brought back since the character was killed at the conclusion of season 6 of “Deep Space Nine.”

Farrell has long been vocal that her departure and the death of her character were not her first choice. She told Showbiz Junkies in 2015 that she only wanted to reduce her appearances on the franchise and had asked to appear in fewer episodes for the seventh and final season. According to Farrell, DS9 producer Rick Berman would not negotiate.

“I did suggest that I could be recurring… not be in every episode,” Farrell said. “Rick wouldn’t have any of that. It was basically, ‘Here’s the offer. If you want it, sign it. If you don’t, it’s really been nice working with you.’ I went with ‘It’s really been nice working with you.’”

Following the contract breakdown, Jadzia was shot in the back by series villain Gul Dukat and replaced the following season Ezri Dax, a different Trill playing host to the Dax symbiont. That character was played by Nicole de Boer.

No Big Deal

According to an August 29 report by TrekMovie.com, a fan in a Las Vegas Q&A session asked Farrell if she would be interested in returning, as so many other Trek actors are doing in the current line-up of shows. Farrell said not only was she interested, but she had been thinking about other dead characters who have returned.

“I was actually thinking about how Spock died,” she said. “Didn’t he melt, basically? He saved everyone’s life. And then he just came back… and there he was. And Kirk kind of went, ‘Oh, there he is.’  And everyone nodded and said, ‘Yes, he’s back!’ I want that moment for me… Exactly how you bring her back, it’s no big f***ing deal.”

Back in the Saddle

After leaving “Deep Space Nine,” Farrell didn’t do much acting. She essentially retired in 2002 when she made the choice to focus on being a mother. Now that her son is in college, she is excited at the prospect of returning to the small screen.

“I got to do my new eight-by-ten,” Farrell said. “I’m very excited. Like, this is my life now. I reconnected with my manager. And we’ll see what happens.”

Should Jadzia be brought back, she might run into some familiar faces. Worf, the Klingon warrior played by Michael Dorn, is coming back for season 3 of “Picard.” After serving on the Enterprise, Worf joined the crew of “Deep Space Nine.”

TrekMovie.com reported on August 23 that Trek veteran Armin Shimerman, who played DS9’s Ferengi bar owner Quark, is also willing to return for an appearance if the conditions are right.

“I would happily do it,” Shimerman said. “I would not do a series regular again. I would not undergo that makeup for another seven years. I can’t live that long. But for a guest star or to do what they’re going to do on ‘Picard’ with some of the characters coming back… Yeah, I would do that.”

Sadly, a full cast reunion is impossible. Rene Auberjonois, who played the shape-shifting constable Odo, and Aron Eisenberg, who played Ferengi Starfleet officer Nog, both died in 2019.

Colm Meaney, who appeared in both “The Next Generation” and “Deep Space Nine” as Miles O’Brien, has commented publicly that he doesn’t foresee a return in his future.

Meaney told CBR.com in 2021 that he feels his days in space are behind him.

“ I’ve always kind of felt like seven years in space was long enough,” he said. “I had a great time doing it. And sometimes, you’re always a bit loathe to go back, especially with something that you enjoyed and was successful because going back, sometimes things end up being ruined.”