‘Survivor’ Castaway Says Sex Was ‘Painful’ After the Show

The cast of 'Survivor' season 34

CBS The cast of 'Survivor' season 34

Fan-favorite “Survivor” contestant Ozzy Lusth recently revealed how the show affected his sex life and also what he’s been up to since appearing on the show. Read on to find out what he said and what made him decide to become an OnlyFans content creator.

Lusth Said Sex Was ‘Painful’ After the Show

In an interview with “Entertainment Weekly,” the four-time “Survivor” player revealed that it was hard to adjust to life after the show, including that sex was “painful” when he first got back.

“I really indulged once the game ended. I went into bacchanalian beast mode… eating, drinking, fornicating! It was the longest time I’d gone since my balls dropped (scientific term, right?) without some sort of sexual pleasure, self-inflicted or otherwise. The first time I had sex with my girlfriend when I got back was actually kinda painful and sensitive since things weren’t used to all the friction. Too much info?” said Lusth.

He also said that he wasn’t prepared to be back in a bed that was “way, way too comfortable and soft.”

“The softness was alarming, and I just could not sleep in my bed, I had to sleep on the floor for a week are so,” said Lusth.

But he wouldn’t trade a single moment of the experience he had playing the show. He told “Entertainment Weekly” that he would “never” regret appearing on the show and he once wrote on Instagram that he’s “grateful” to the show.

“Fifteen years ago I got a chance to play The Greatest Game; SURVIVOR…yes I’ve played 4 times and been able to play over 100 days but damn! i had no idea what I was doing the first season I played, (I still don’t!),” wrote Lusth. “I just had a blast and solidified my passion for nature and adventure and the idea that we all have so much unlocked potential. I am grateful to this show and all the people I’ve had the honor to play with and meet along the way. Big thanks to @jeffprobst and @markburnett13 …and @erikashay for giving me a shot in the first place, The experience truly changed my life. … Long Live Survivor!”

Lusth Recently ‘Embraced’ His Sexuality

In the interview, Lusth revealed that he has had a lot going on since his time on the show — he last appeared on “Survivor: Game Changers” in 2017. Since then, he has opened up brewery and event space in Los Angeles, managed a restaurant in Venice Beach, and is currently developing a boutique hotel in Mexico. But he also revealed he has “embraced [his] sexuality” and creates adults-only content on OnlyFans.

Lusth’s OnlyFans page has almost 100 posts and over 7,000 fans. He is currently running a 50 percent off sale through May 29. His Twitter and Instagram feeds are full of teases for what paying customers can see on OnlyFans.

Fans have had quite a range of reactions to Lusth’s page, with some cheering him on and others leaving messages chastising him for creating that kind of content online.

“Survivor” is back in production now. If the pattern holds, it should be premiering its 41st season the third or fourth week of September 2021. The rumored cast has already begun leaking online.

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