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Reputable “Survivor” spoiler site Inside Survivor has yet another treat to tide us fans over until the show returns in September. The tribe names and meanings for season 41 have been revealed but be warned of spoilers ahead.


The Tribe Names Are Luvu, Yase, and Ua

According to Inside Survivor, the tribe names are as follows — the blue tribe is “Luvu,” the yellow tribe is “Yase,” and the green tribe is “Ua.”

According to Cornell’s Fijian-English dictionary, “Luvu” means “to sink in water, drown, flood,” which makes sense considering it is the blue tribe. But another interesting usage of the word is that “luvu” is also used figuratively sometimes, as in “to be drowned or flooded under things on the mind, worries, debts, sorrow.”

The dictionary says “Yase” means “lightning” or “the lightning strike,” which makes sense in giving it to the yellow tribe. And “Ua” means “wave” or “tsunami” as a nounce and “slight of the sea” as an adjective.

The tribe names are certainly in keeping with the feeling that “Survivor” is going to be harder, more dangerous and more difficult to win than ever before, which is what host Jeff Probst has teased in his sneak peek preview videos.

The Tribe Divisions Are As Follows

According to Inside Survivor, here is the breakdown of the tribes.

The blue Luvu tribe is:

  • Heather Aldret, 52, Charleston, SC, artist
  • Erika Casupanan, 32, Toronto, Ontario, communications professional
  • Danny McCray, 33, Houston, TX, retired NFL player
  • Naseer Muttalif, 36, Milpitas, CA, sales manager
  • Deshawn Radden, 26, Phoenix, AR, shift manager/medical scribe
  • Sydney Segal, 26, Beverly Hills, CA, law student/legal intern

The yellow Yase tribe is:

  • Eric Abraham, 50, San Antonio, TX, cybersecurity professional
  • Xander Hastings, 20, Jacksonville, FL, computer science student
  • Evvie Jagoda, 28, Somerville, MA, researcher Ph.D. student
  • Tiffany Seely, 47, Plainview, NY, teacher
  • David Voce, 34, Nashville, TN, doctor
  • Liana Wallace, 20, Evanston, IL, business student

And the green Ua tribe is:

  • Ricard Foye, 31, Bellingham, WA, flight attendant
  • Brad Reese, 49, Douglas, WY, rancher
  • Genie Robin-Chen, 46, Portland, OR, grocery store worker
  • Jairus Robinson, 20, Oklahoma City, OK, student
  • Shantel Smith, 34, Toronto, Ontario, pastor/comedian
  • Sara Wilson, 23, Sherman Oaks, CA, a mechanical engineering student

For those of you keeping score at home, the average age of the tribes is very similar, 33-34 for all three. However, Aldret is the one outlier on any tribe — she is 16 years older than her next oldest tribemate and she’s the oldest person playing this season at 52 years of age, so that could be trouble for her if her tribe finds itself losing early on.

Each tribe has three men and three women. Racially, which is noteworthy because inclusion and diversity are two things CBS has pledged to be better about with its reality TV casting, the Luvu and Ua tribes appear to each have four people of color and two white members, while the Yase tribe appears to be made up of four white members and two people of color.

“Survivor” returns for its 41st season in September 2021 — most likely the 15, 22, or 29.

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