Kailyn Lowry Responds to Rumors That She’s Had Baby Number 5

Kailyn Lowry

Heavy/Getty Kailyn Lowry

“Teen Mom” fans have speculated that former “Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry had a fifth child in late 2022, keeping the pregnancy and birth a secret from her fans and followers. Lowry has not directly confirmed or denied these rumors, fueling fans’ suspicions that she has had a fifth baby with her boyfriend Elijah Scott. Fans online are reading into each of Lowry’s social media posts, looking for clues that could contribute to their theories.

In two recent TikTok posts, Lowry has responded to fan comments about her supposed newborn. In a February 28 post promoting her podcast “Baby Mamas No Drama” with co-host Vee Rivera, one fan commented, “did u have another baby boy people keep saying it if so congrats”. Another user replied, “she had a baby with a married man. that’s why she isnt posting because she knows she will lose a lot of fans,” to which Lowry responded in the thread, writing, “I’ve never in my life had a baby with a married man 😂😂😂”.

One fan posted this comment to a “Teen Mom” message board on Reddit, pointing out that Lowry was “still not denying she had a baby”.

Kailyn Lowry’s Son Said He Has 4 Brothers

Lowry shared another TikTok that had fans speculating about how many children she has on March 3. In the video, Lowry (offscreen) asks her son Creed “How many brothers do you have now?” to which her son responds, “Uh… two… three… four… too f***ing many.”

Fans took to the comment sections with questions about what Creed meant in this video. Lowry was quick to clarify that when Creed said four that Creed’s father “Chris [Lopez] has another son”, which would make his four brothers Lowry’s oldest three sons Isaac, Lincoln, and Lux, as well as Lopez’s youngest son, Trew. Some fans were still unsure if Lowry intended any sort of “subliminal message” with her post.

When one user shared this new TikTok to Reddit, however, fans focused less on their suspicions that Lowry had another child and more on the fact that Creed was openly cursing in the video, feeling that Lowry encouraged this language. Lowry previously permitted her sons to say one curse word each in a January post, however her oldest son Isaac, declined the offer.

“It’s one thing to find it funny when kids swear out of the blue, it happens. But she obviously coached him to say this. She’s so immature,” one Reddit user commented.

“This is so embarrassing for her. Always putting her kids into obnoxious foul situation for social media likes,” another user added.

“Listen, I am a pretty lax parent and by no stretch a pearl clutcher, but why does she thinks it’s cute to encourage her kids curse and post it? It’s gross,” a third user wrote.

Chris Lopez Confirmed Kailyn Lowry Had Another Child After the Two Fought Online

While Lowry herself has still yet to confirm any rumors that she has had a baby, her ex Chris Lopez claimed that the rumors were true when responding to Lowry online. The two had been arguing over social media after Lowry learned that Lopez had taken their older son, Lux, to get a haircut without consulting her first.

After Lowry claimed that she didn’t think Lux wanted to get his hair cut, Lopez wrote in a comment that was later reshared by a “Teen Mom” fan page on Instagram: “At this point it ain’t about the kids… you claim to be so real so raw but yet you got a whole new born you should be focused on and yet your trying to create unnecessary drama to cover up that FACT”.

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