Farrah Abraham Sparks ‘Breakdown’ Concerns From Fans

Farrah Abraham

Getty Farrah Abraham and her daughter, Sophia.

On July 28, “Teen Mom’s” Farrah Abraham and her daughter, Sophia, shared a TikTok video that has fans worried.

In the video, which The Sun described as “alarming” and “bizarre”, Abraham and her daughter look strangely at the camera while Sophia appears to be controlling the music in the car. The caption reads, “Limiting DJ Sophia in the car.”


Some comments on the TikTok video simply read, “Am I the only one confused lol?” and “I don’t understand…” while others show a greater level of concern for Sophia, reading things like, “Are you scared of seeing her with the filter on? I’m Confused” and “Farrah has officially lost the last of her brain cells.”

According to The Sun, one person also commented in a since-deleted note, “All Sophia wants is attention and is afraid of being taken out of the spotlight by her child. I really wish someone would rescue her.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Reddit Users: ‘Farrah Needs Serious Help’

Shortly after the TikTok video was posted, “Teen Mom” viewers took to Reddit to comment on it. One person wrote, “The look in poor sophias eyes. Jesus she really does seem like a prisoner.”

Another added, “Oh dear. Sophia might already be beyond hope.”

And a third wrote, “Yes. Sophia needs saving. She needs mentorship. A roof and bed is the bare min. Those things don’t even mean shit when you have someone as damaged as Farrah at the helm. This is just fucked up all around.”

Fans expressed similar concerns after Abraham allowed her daughter to post with a pregnancy test in June.

As pointed out in a previous Heavy article, Abraham shot down criticism from fans, stating that her daughter is simply learning about sex education.

In a June 19 interview with Us Weekly, Abraham stated, “Oh, my God. The world is speeding up on me. When tweens go through puberty, they need to learn, first of all, about pregnancy tests. So I needed to let her know stuff because I am all about healthcare. And I am not about shaming.”

She added, “Young ladies deserve amazing bodies. You want to feel good. You want to feel competent. You should play around with the fun pregnancy test. Pee on it.”

Abraham Previously Admitted That CPS ‘Threatened’ to Take Sophia

Farrah Abraham

GettyFarrah Abraham (L) and Sophia Laurent Abraham attend SYLVANIA SMART+.

In her memoir, “Dream Twenties: Self-Guided Self Help Memoire”, according to a previous Heavy article, Abraham admitted that Child Protected Services “threatened” to take her daughter Sophia following a “violent incident with her mother Debra Danielson.”

In the book, Abraham wrote of her mother, “I got kicked out of my house after calling the police for domestic violence, yet the police pulled out a gun and said he was going to shoot my mom while pointing at her head, yet my mom had two kitchen knives in her hands, and I was bloody when I had to talk them both into calming down… The cycle of trauma and violence would not continue or someone was literally [going] to die over a call to stop the violence.”

She added that it was her mother’s behavior that lead to the intervention by CPS.

In February 2010, the case against Abraham’s mother was dropped when she deferred prosecution, TMZ reported.

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