‘Teen Mom’ Fans Gush Over Leah Messer’s Family Photos: ‘Y’all Are Goddesses!’

Leah Messer

YouTube Leah Messer films with former beau Jaylan Mobley for "Teen Mom."

“Teen Mom” star Leah Messer shared a handful of adorable family photos on her Instagram page over the weekend and fans went crazy over them. The family celebrated “Friendsgiving” with some loved ones, and her older two daughters also did a fun photo shoot. Fans had plenty to say about the videos and photos and, as is typically the case, could not believe how grown up all three girls look these days.

Here’s what you need to know:

Leah Messer’s Twin Daughters Mugged for the Camera

On November 13, Messer shared a video on Instagram that featured her twin daughters, Aliannah Hope and Aleeah Grace, playing around while a photographer captured snaps of them. The “Teen Mom” star included a caption that reads, “Tween to Teen Frozen Ball is coming soon,” and she tagged the photographer who was capturing all the shots. Messer did not explain the meaning of her caption, but it seems possible that the photo shoot might tie into the upcoming 13th birthday of the twins, which is December 16. The girls posed outdoors in various spots and positions, both together and alone, and fans flooded the comments section with love for the “Teen Mom” stars.

“How are they so grown?! Just yesterday you were pregnant with them, peeing your pants!” joked one fan.

“They are sooo grown!! Ali looks like your mom soo much! And of course Gracie is all you,” added another fan.

The ‘Teen Mom’ Family Embraced a Day With Loved Ones

A little later in the day, Messer shared another Instagram post that contained 10 photos. The caption for this one was simple, as it indicated the family had gathered for “Friendsgiving.” The first photo showed the “Teen Mom” star with all three of her daughters, including not only pre-teens Aleeah and Aliannah but also 9-year-old Adalynn Faith. Messer and her daughters posed on the stairs and they wore matching pajamas. The other photos showed the girls getting silly and having fun as they hung out with the other “Friendsgiving” attendees.

“Addie at the end is such a mood lol. Love the matching pjs for you all!” commented one fan, referring to a photo of Messer’s youngest sipping a drink with a sassy expression on her face.

“I realize that I only know you from tv for many years, but am beyond proud of you regardless We go through so many unspoken struggles as single mamas, especially when we have children with special needs. Just wanted to send you good vibes and let you know that I see you!” added another supporter.

“Y’all are goddesses! Addies energy through the phone and Aaliyah vibes and Ali hair and of course you’re a boss,” gushed someone else.

“Love these pics!!!! Freaking awesome memories,” read another “Teen Mom” fan’s comment.

This holiday season will look different compared to what Messer surely envisioned a few months ago, given her recent breakup with former fiance Jaylan Mobley. Despite that, the “Teen Mom” star looked happy and fabulous, and fans will be eager to see more.

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