What Charity Lawson Says Is ‘Off Limits’ on ‘The Bachelorette’

Charity Lawson

Heavy/ABC Charity Lawson

Charity Lawson is up for anything. Well, almost anything.

The 27-year-old stopped by “Good Morning America” on March 16, 2023 after being named the next Bachelorette. She dished on her dream guy, dream destinations and dream dates.

“I’m open to anything,” the child and family therapist said on the morning show. “I think with the right person, I think any date will be fun.”

But, she did reveal one date idea is “off limits.”

“Not open to like the cage, swimming with sharks,” she confessed on GMA. “That is no, not happening. But anything else, I am ready for.”

With filming on “The Bachelorette” beginning soon, Lawson will be jet setting around the world on her journey for love. First appearing on Zach Shallcross’ season of “The Bachelor,” the dating competition has already taken her to The Bahamas, London, Budapest and Estonia.

While she “doesn’t really have much of a say” on their final destinations, she admitted on “Good Morning America” that she has tossed out a few ideas.

“Greece is one of them,” she shared during the interview. “So we’re going to kind of put that out in the air and hopefully, yeah, hopefully we get to go there.”

Charity Lawson Says Being Compassionate Is Among Her ‘Non-Negotiables’ in a Partner

ABC released the names and photos of Lawson’s 29 potential suitors on March 18, 2023. To win her heart, they will have to meet her “non-negotiables” in a life partner.

“I definitely am looking for someone who is a compassionate person, so someone who is extremely kind and treats others well,” the Georgia native explained on “Good Morning America.” “I think for me, that is something that I value and I have in myself, so I want that in my partner. But also, I love to laugh and have a good time, so a sense of humor, I think that’s huge. So anyone who can come out with a good joke or two is a winner.”

According to an ABC press release, she is also looking for someone who “loves dogs, thrifting and a good tailgate.”

Lawson is also turning to her parents’ long marriage for inspiration.

“With parents who have been married over 47 years, Lawson has been instilled with the confidence of knowing what she deserves and is eager to find a lasting love matching their example,” ABC explained in a press release.

Charity Lawson Says Being the Bachelorette is ‘an Indescribable Feeling’

Lawson told “Good Morning America” that being the next Bachelor Nation lead is “an indescribable feeling.”

“I am so honored, so excited,” she explained on the morning show. “I still feel like I’m dreaming. So, still processing what those feelings are like but I definitely am so excited for what’s to come.”

Host Jesse Palmer announced that Lawson would be the next franchise lead at the “Women Tell All,” which aired on March 14, 2023. Under the guise of filming a game of “This or That” for social media, Palmer asked her to pick between “The Bachelorette” and “Bachelor in Paradise.”

Obviously picking “The Bachelorette,” the former football player verified she was sure before telling her, “Because Charity, I want you to be our next Bachelorette.”

“I can’t wait to show little girls that look like me, being in a position like this is possible,” she said in a confessional. “I know that I will be making a lot of people proud.”

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