Will Bri Springs Be on ‘After the Final Rose’?

Bri Springs holding a rose.

ABC Bri Springs.

Bri Springs was sent home by Matt James following her overnight date with him. While many fans of The Bachelor expected to see Bri on the After the Final Rose special, since she was not a part of the Women Tell All, the promos for the upcoming episode have not included any footage of the communications manager.

“It is unclear whether Bri attended the post-finale taping as she has not been featured in any promos for the special. She has also unfollowed several Bachelor-related Instagram accounts since filming wrapped,” Us Weekly reports.

Usually, the final three contestants are invited to the After the Final Rose special. For example, on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, she chatted with Peter Weber, Tyler Cameron, and her season pick, Jed Wyatt, of ATFR. It’s unknown why Bri hasn’t been shown in the preview footage, and it’s unknown if she was even invited to the taping of the show — which is usually done live, but an exception was made this year due to precautions being taken for the coronavirus pandemic.

Heavy has reached out to Bri for a comment but has not heard back.

Here’s what you need to know:

A ‘Bachelor’ Finale Promo Does not Include Bri & She Unfollowed Accounts Associated With the Show

While it was previously reported that Emmanuel Acho would be sitting down with Rachael, Michelle, Bri, and Matt, according to Variety, the latest promo for The Bachelor finale doesn’t mention Bri at all. As you can see in the video above, Acho will sit down to chat with Michelle, Rachael, and Matt — there’s no mention of Bri, nor is there any footage of her at the pre-taped show.

In addition, Bri does not appear to be following any Bachelor-related accounts on Instagram. A quick scroll through the 500-some odd accounts that she’s following, and there are no returns for anything with The Bachelor or ABC in the name. It is unclear if Bri had previously followed any accounts related to the show.

A few people from Bachelor Nation whom she does follow, however, are Chris Harrison, Brendan Morais, Tyler Cameron, Rachel Lindsay, and Tayshia Adams. And, from her season of The Bachelor, she’s got Michelle Young, Abigail Heringer, Serena Pitt, and Pieper James, to name a few.

Bri Said Life After ‘The Bachelor’ Has Been ‘Mentally Draining’

Bri has been relatively active on social media since her time on The Bachelor came to an end. As previously reported by Heavy, she released a statement of sorts after Matt sent her home, showing love to the female friendships that she made on the show.

In more recent days, Bri took to Instagram to post a bit of a life update. She shared that life has been “full of wonderful surprises,” but that it’s “also been mentally draining.”

“Life after the show has been full of wonderful surprises. But it has also been mentally draining and there have been times and situations where I’ve felt defeated. I’ve read all of your messages and you have no idea how appreciative I am of your kindness and support. Your words have helped me along the way, so thank you. Remember to check in with yourself from time to time to see what you need. I made a commitment to myself, to be honest, and stay true to who I am. And this means being present with the ones I love,” she captioned the post.

Bri received quite a bit of positive feedback, especially from other women on Matt’s Bachelor season.

“A beautiful human inside and out,” Serena P. commented.

“Love you Bri,” wrote Abigail, adding a yellow heart emoji. Her comment was echoed by Chelsea Vaughn.

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