Carly Waddell Updates Fans on Her Medical Emergency

Carly Waddell

ABC Carly Waddell of Bachelor in Paradise.

Carly Waddell spoke out about her recent health scare.

On her Instagram story on June 18, 2021,  the 35-year-old “Bachelor in Paradise” alum shared a photo of her laying on a stretcher while being rushed from an airport to the hospital earlier in the week and thanked fans for their prayers.

“It’s a long story I’ll share really soon,” she told her followers. “I just got my phone back from losing it in the midst of a medical emergency. Still not quite sure what is/was wrong.”

Waddell Updated Fans With the Full Story On June 20, 2021

In a video shared to Instagram, Waddell finally shared the story nearly a week after the medical scare took place.  In a 15-minute message to fans, the mom of two revealed that she was waiting in line at the airport en route to a trip and that she began having really bad intestinal cramps. She compared the pain to contractions during labor. She continued on to the plane, where the pain became worse. Waddell added that she couldn’t breathe and got “super hot” and “nauseous” and temporarily lost her sight and hearing. As she stood up, she passed out in the aisle.

The “Bachelor in Paradise ’ alum revealed that the fire department came and then she was transferred into an ambulance, where she found that her blood pressure was extremely low. As they transported her to the hospital she felt like her body was “giving out” and she began to throw up. She was given anti-nausea medicine and bloodwork revealed her white blood count was super high,

Waddell revealed she is still unsure what happened to her, but that it may have been a bad virus. She is still having randomly bad intestinal cramps nearly a week later.

She added that you “really find out who your friends are” when something like this happens, and she credited her ex Evan Bass for being there for her in the ambulance.

“So that’s the update,” she said. ‘I don’t really have any answers. The only thing that really helped was fluid and time. But I’m alive.”

Waddell’s s Ex-Husband Evan Bass Previously Alerted Fans to Her Health Crisis & Revealed She Was in ‘Rough Shape’

On June 14, Waddell’s ex-husband Evan Bass took to his Instagram story to inform fans that she was recovering from some sort of medical incident. The “Bachelor in Paradise” alum shared a photo of his ex laying in a hospital bed with the caption, “Carly’s first ambulance ride – she’s gonna be ok and, my goodness, this brings back some memories.”

He later revealed that Waddell was released from the hospital after an extended stay but would possibly have to return if things didn’t improve.

“Thanks for all the prayers and support,” Bass wrote. “After 9 hours we left the hospital but she’s still in pretty rough shape and may have to go back. Continued thoughts and prayers are so appreciated. And she knows she’s beloved.”

He also made it clear that the story wasn’t his to tell and that Waddell would communicate when she’s ready.

“I know y’all wanna know what’s going on but it’s her health and story to tell if she wants to share,” he wrote, adding, that he did get her permission to share the photo of her in the hospital.

“In all the madness, she lost her phone and really needs to rest so it might be a bit,” Bass added.

A Health Scare Is What Brought Bass & Waddell Together

Waddell and Bass met on the third season of “Bachelor in Paradise” and tied the knot in June 2017 at the Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta resort near Puerto Vallarta and officiated by former “Bachelor” host  Chris Harrison, per the Hollywood Reporter.

The couple went on to have two kids together, Bella, 3, and Charlie, 1, but announced their split in December 2020,  per Entertainment Tonight. While their marriage had its struggles, the former couple’s courtship didn’t come easy, either.

Bass heavily pursued Waddell when they were on “Paradise,” she wasn’t interested–at first. It took a health scare for her to come around. After a night of drinking at the resort where filming for the ABC dating show took place in 2016, Bass passed out and medics were called. Waddell was by his bedside, The Daily Mail reported at the time. She ultimately kissed him when he woke up from what was either an illness, much alcohol, or just a ploy for sympathy.

“I’m not sure if he’s faking…” Waddell said, per The Daily Mail. “But if he is…this is the farthest anyone has ever gone for my affections and part of me kind of likes it.”

As for the status of their split, the exes are not yet officially divorced. And following his sister’s health scare, Waddell’s brother, fellow Bachelor Nation alum Zak Waddell, told Us Weekly that it’s not time to “close the chapter on this love story yet.”

“There are pages still to be written,” he told the outlet.

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