‘Bachelor’ Couple Could Reunite, but the ‘Damage Is Still too Fresh’ Right Now

Wilted roses

Pixabay Wilted and dying roses lay together.

Usually when a couple from “The Bachelor” goes their separate ways, fans do not see or hear anything from the two of them together again. In the case of Clayton Echard and Susie Evans, however, that is not necessarily going to be the case. The two joined former “Bachelorette” Kaitlyn Bristowe for her recent “Off the Vine” podcast episode, and what they shared will surely leave some fans feeling emotional.

Here’s what you need to know:

Clayton Echard & Susie Evans Have Stayed in Touch

During the joint interview that Echard and Evans did with Bristowe for “Off the Vine,” things quickly got emotional. “The Bachelor” stars noted they had been on the phone with one another just before recording the podcast, and they acknowledged they have been in frequent contact via the phone. This, however, was the first time they had seen one another, albeit via video, since their split.

Early on during the podcast, Echard admitted, “I wish I could be a better communicator.” Communication issues were an ongoing problem for “The Bachelor” pair, but the backlash they both received from doing the show was a major issue too. “I started questioning who I was because of all the negativity,” Echard explained. “I started to believe some of what was being said about me.” As a result, he felt, “I couldn’t be that stable, secure man that I needed to be to really be able to give my all in a relationship.”

As Echard struggled with his self-identity, he found it was “very challenging for me to just be myself and I think that’s where a lot of strain was caused in our relationship.” He kept pleading with Evans to stick with him and give him more time, and she needed security that Echard was not in a place to provide.

‘The Bachelor’ Pair Doesn’t Rule out a Reunion

Echard noted on the podcast, “We saw the tides turning” regarding the way “The Bachelor” fans started to support them. Unfortunately, “I think the damage was done already,” he admitted. Amid this, Echard was trying to decide what his path forward in his career was, and it was a struggle. He considered going back to the corporate world, but his passion was speaking to others about mental health. This led to a significant miscommunication regarding the couple’s plans to move. When “The Bachelor” fans learned Echard would move to Arizona and Evans to California, there was a lot of speculation another “Bachelor” split was imminent. That wasn’t the intent, “The Bachelor” pair explained, but that’s how things ultimately played out.

Ultimately, “We both saw each other hurting and there was so much love,” Echard explained. “I was like, ‘I want to fight so hard for this relationship, but I feel like the more I fight, the more I tear her down.” For now, both “Bachelor” stars are focused on working on themselves, individually, and taking things “day-by-day” as they heal. At the moment, “The damage is still too fresh” for them to reconcile romantically, they admitted. However, they have not closed the door to the possibility, and it seems they now have plenty of fans rooting for that to happen..