Was Dale Moss Accused of Cheating on Clare Crawley In NYC?

Dale Moss and Clare Crawley

ABC Dale Moss and Clare Crawley during a date on episode four of The Bachelorette.

It’s crystal clear that Clare Crawley is head over heels in love with her fiancé, Dale Moss, but not everyone who watched their romance unfold on The Bachelorette is convinced the feelings are reciprocated by Moss. The 32-year-old former NFL player’s recent actions in public have lent credence to those theories, even if there’s little to no proof of any actual cheating.

Moss was spotted in New York City spending time with a handful of women, none of whom was Crawley.

Rumors ran wild that Moss was already cheating on the woman he proposed to in July. But is there any truth to them? It depends on who you believe.

Gossip Accounts Look Like the Source of the Cheating Rumors

His trip to New York came immediately after he and his brand-new fiancé spent plenty of time together, traveling through both her home town of Sacramento, California and his in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. They met each other’s family, did podcasts together, and projected the image of a couple very much in love.

Days later, the Daily Mail published photos of Moss walking the street of New York with models Rachel Hilbert and Brooks Nader at his side. That’s not extraordinary when you consider Moss himself is a model represented by Wilhelmina Models, an agency that’s based out of New York City. It’s also worth mentioning that one of his companions, Nader, is a married woman.

Juicier details about Moss’ time in New York have been published, but unsubstantiated with any kind of proof. An “insider” told OK! Magazine that Moss was seen following a modeling event “kissing one woman, but like pecks.” Similar rumors were posted on gossip Instagram account, DeuxMoi, which drew the ire of Bachelor spoilers expert Reality Steve.

“So now it’s acceptable news to tell someone “Hey, I saw Dale kissing another woman this weekend,” provide zero proof, and someone can run with that, thus making news online, and then Dale and Clare have to deal with the fallout of something that isn’t true?” Reality Steve wrote on his website. “I can’t harp on this enough: just because you have a disclaimer telling people ‘hey it’s up to you whether or not to believe what we post,’ doesn’t make it right to post it in the first place. Period. End of story.”

Dale & Clare Have Shrugged Off the Rumors

The second-hand accounts of Moss supposedly kissing models may sound your cheating alarms, but it hasn’t seemed to faze Crawley.

The couple has continued to publicly profess their love for one another with Instagram posts aplenty from each. Most recently, Moss posted a photo of himself kissing Crawley in South Dakota well after the gossip columns started running amuck.

While episodes of The Bachelorette featuring Crawley and Moss were still airing, some questioned the motivations of Moss, who once said on an interview that he was aiming to emulate Ryan Seacrest’s career path in the entertainment industry. The rumors of Moss cheating seem to be a continuation of many’s doubt about his true intentions, even if the couple has looked nothing but happy together.

Earlier in November, the couple spoke on a podcast about the status of their wedding planning and their hopes to find a home in Sacramento.

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