‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Feels ‘Pretty Even’ About Ex-Wife’s New Romance, Wants Her to Be Happy

Bachelor in Paradise Split

Heavy Evan Bass reacts to Carly Waddell's boyfriend reveal.

A former “Bachelor in Paradise” star is sharing his take after his ex-wife went public with her boyfriend. Evan Bass and Carly Waddell met during season 3 of “Bachelor in Paradise and got engaged in the finale.

Bass and Waddell got married, had kids, and subsequently divorced. She recently went public with her new boyfriend, and now, Bass has opened up about his reaction to his ex-wife’s big reveal.

Here’s what you need to know:

Evan Bass Has Not Met His Ex-Wife’s Boyfriend Yet

Bass joined Bob Guiney and Trista Sutter for the March 20 episode of the “Almost Famous OGs” podcast. After the trio revisited Bass and Waddell’s early relationship days, Sutter asked how their relationship is now, post-divorce.

“I call it professional,” Bass replied. He described their communications as “Cut and dried, to the point.”

He noted they share big highs or lows the kids experience, but everything is about the kids. Outside of co-parenting their kids Bella and Charlie, there is no longer really any relationship between Bass and Waddell, it seems.

On March 14, Waddell took to her Instagram page to reveal she now had a serious boyfriend. Her post included a lengthy caption detailing how she met her current beau and she included a video montage filled with highlights from their relationship so far.

While Waddell and her new guy have been dating a while, she explained, “I have left him out of my social media presence while I made sure my kids loved him and while I made sure I did too.”

Sutter asked Bass during their podcast chat if he had met Waddell’s partner yet. He replied, “No, I haven’t met him. I found out about him, I guess, a couple months ago.”

Bass added, “I’m excited to meet him. I really want to meet him. The kids have mentioned him once or twice.”

He did not know ahead of time that Waddell was going to hard-launch her romance when she did. However, he also noted he would not have expected a heads-up.

The former “Bachelor in Paradise” star also shared, “I’m happy for her, I want the kids to be happy with him too. I feel pretty even about it.”

Bass Is Dating Someone Seriously, Too

Bass was then asked if he had been dating anybody. He has given no hint of this being the case on social media. The “Bachelor in Paradise” star pointed out, though, that he is not one to post on social media often regardless of his relationship status.

It turns out, Bass is in a serious relationship, too. “I’ve been dating someone for a year, and she’s amazing, and she’s absolutely incredible.”

The couple met through work, and he said it’s been “Really cool.”

In addition, Bass revealed, “The kids are obsessed with her, and that’s a big deal.”

He also noted he’s been trying to keep this relationship much more private than what he did with Waddell. “Do this one a little bit differently,” he shared.

Bass added he “Definitely want to do this the right way, I feel like the third time is the charm.” He quipped, “My kids are also really hoping the third time’s the charm, especially the older ones.”

The “Bachelor in Paradise” star had already been married and divorced once before meeting Waddell. He has three sons from that relationship.

Apparently, Bass’ current girlfriend did not know about his reality television past. After someone else told her, she did a “deep dive” into his Bachelor Nation days. Luckily, she wasn’t scared away.