Why ‘Bachelorette’ Fans Are Distressed About Next Week’s Hometowns

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Usually when it is time for hometown visits on “The Bachelorette,” fans feel like they know at least three of the four final suitors pretty well. They also have a general sense of the connection that exists between the Bachelorette and the final four contestants. This season, many fans feel like they are about to meet the families of strangers.

Why the Disconnect?

Because there are two Bachelorettes this season, Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia each had a smaller pool of guys to choose from. This made the pre-hometown episodes seem to go by very quickly.

In addition, a great deal of focus was given to suitors who are no longer in the running, i.e., Nate Mitchell, Logan Palmer and Hayden Markowitz.  Therefore, many viewers feel very little connection between themselves and the remaining contestants, or between the Bachelorettes and their romantic interests. As such, many were not surprised that Windey chose to only have three hometown dates instead of the traditional four.

Also disturbing the formation of bonds between suitors and audiences is that a great deal of time this season has been spent on the Bachelorettes themselves. Whether the cameras are focusing in on the relationship between the two women, or showing them crying in confessionals because they are feeling rejected and insecure, the two-Bachelorette format is taking a lot of screen time away from the men who are trying to win these women’s hearts.  Canceled rose ceremonies, cocktail parties and group dates have not helped matters either.

All of this added together has resulted in a muddled season of “The Bachelorette” where things feel rushed and disconnected, fans say.

Viewers Are Upset & Confused

Fans have not been shy about expressing their displeasure with hometowns seeming to pop up way too soon. One fan tweeted, “What do they mean HOMETOWNS??? The only guy I know yet this season is Jesse Palmer.” The post got over 4500 likes.

Another user tweeted, “I think I can only remember Tino, Nate and Zach this far in the season.”

For those in the same boat, here are the seven men whose families Windey and Recchia will be meeting next Monday:

Gabby – Jason, Erich, and Johnny.

Rachel – Tino, Tyler, Zach and Aven.

Many fans have questions about the length of the process.  One viewer asked, “Did they shorten these seasons how are they goin to hometowns? I’m sorry u can’t propose marriage to anyone after 1-2 dates. No”

A Facebook user questioned, “Wow ! Hometown dates next week? That was fast !!” to which one viewer replied, “Unbelievable, there are no real connections.”  Another responded, “This season is way off. I feel these girls got the crap end of being the Bachelorette.”

“Dumbest season ever!” someone else posted.

After hometowns, there are still fantasy suites for the Bachelorettes to get to know their suitors better, and audiences will get an extra chance to learn more about them as well. According to Bustle, the fantasy suite episodes will stretch out over two episodes, airing Monday September 5 and Tuesday September 13.

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