Katie Thurston Slammed for This ‘Bachelorette’ First

Katie Thurston

ABC/Andrew Eccles Katie Thurston is the season 17 Bachelorette.

On the Monday, June 28, 2021, episode of “The Bachelorette,” Katie Thurston did something that has never been done on the show before — and now, she’s taking some heat for it.

The beginning of the episode centered largely around Thomas Jacobs, who was pegged as the season’s villain fairly early on. Thurston’s suitors called him out for saying that he went on the show with hopes of becoming the next “Bachelor,” with many informing Thurston that Jacobs was there for the “wrong reasons.”

A conflicted Thurston went to the rose ceremony to narrow down the competition, and had a big decision to make; would she keep Jacobs because of their connection, or would she send him home because of how the others felt about him?

During the rose ceremony, she called Thomas Jacobs’ name. The suitor believed he was going to be given a rose — but, instead, Thurston took a step back from him, and let him know that his “‘Bachelor’ audition” had come to an end. While previous “Bachelorette” stars have spoken up to suitors whom they’ve felt misled them or lied to them in the past, this is the first time that a “Bachelorette” has called someone up to presumably receive a rose before eliminating him instead.

Here’s what you need to know:

Thurston Sent Jacobs Home After Calling Him out in Front of the Other Guys & Many Fans Didn’t Like How it Went Down

Thomas Jacobs

ABC/Craig SjodinKatie Thurston and Thomas Jacobs on ‘The Bachelorette.’

Thurston didn’t hold back when she called Jacobs up to the podium of roses.

“You told me things I wanted to hear. What I learned about you tonight is you’re selfish, unkind, and a liar. Your ‘Bachelor’ audition ends tonight so get out,” she told Jacobs, according to Page Six.

And while many fans agreed that they didn’t care much for Jacobs, many didn’t think that he deserved to be treated the way that he was.

“I’m all for eliminating guys during dates or calling them out but not the way you did it I mean you could have easily just not given him a rose. I’m sure your two leading ladies told you to do that for the reviews,” one Instagram user commented on Thurston’s recent upload.

“Two wrongs don’t make a right, she’s expected to be bigger person especially since she represents anti bullying. Can you imagine if that was a guy to another woman? Equal respect can’t exist that way. Women hate when it happens to them but happy to reverse?” added another.

And a similar conversation unfolded on Reddit.

“I thought it was pathetic how everyone was white knighting Katie so hard about this and acting all holier than thou when you know every single man has had the same thoughts about being bachelor that Thomas had. I don’t think they genuinely had Katie’s best interests in mind; they just wanted to look good. And I think Katie handled the situation terribly for her part too. Her response was over the top, and dare I say she’s just not super charismatic so that made it even worse,” one Redditor commented on a thread about Jacobs.

“I hated how she sent him home, that speech was uncalled for,” added another.

“Don’t like him but Katie’s treatment of him was uncalled for, just send him home why humiliate someone for your empowerment move?” echoed a third.

Facebook users have also been discussing Thurston’s decision to call Jacobs out in front of everyone, and many “Bachelorette” fans have expressed similar concerns.

Meanwhile, other fans seem to be in complete support of how Thurston handled the situation, praising her for speaking out and holding Jacobs accountable.

Thurston Discussed Her Decision to Send Jacobs Home on Nick Viall’s Podcast

In a sit-down interview with Nick Viall on his podcast “Viall Files,” Thurston revealed that there were some things that viewers didn’t get to see when it came to Jacobs. One thing in particular that she told Viall is that Jacobs was mean to Tre Cooper.

“There’s only so much you can show in a two-hour episode right? And one thing that I wish was shown that was kind of like the nail in the coffin for me was [Jacobs] was kind of mean to Tre. And Tre is like the most kind-hearted man, you know? So once I heard that, I was like, if you can’t handle conversations — I’ve already experienced it first hand. Like you aren’t able to communicate in a normal, effective way. Now you’re being mean to Tre who is like a sweetheart. Like I don’t have time for you. You know?” Thurston told Viall.

And I wasn’t going to waste any time with him. Like yeah, he’s hot and I was really hoping to be honest to take him to fantasy suites, you know? But like I don’t have time to waste and so I was like, ‘You gotta go,'” Thurston added.

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