Kenny Braasch & Mari Pepin Wedding Details Revealed

Kenny Braasch and Mari Pepin

ABC Kenny Braasch and Mari Pepin of "Bachelor in Paradise."

During season 7 of “Bachelor in Paradise,” Mari Pepin and Kenny Braasch fell head over heels for one another. Their romance made it through some bumps in the road while filming in Mexico, and the two got engaged during the finale. The couple has remained steady and strong ever since then, and recently shared some details about their upcoming wedding. They now live together in Chicago, Illinois, where he was already living before filming. They adopted a dog together not long ago, and they seem quite in sync with their wedding planning too.

Here’s what you need to know:

Mari Pepin & Kenny Braasch Have Picked a Wedding Date

Pepin and Braasch previously shared that their serious wedding planning would not begin until after she completed some beauty pageant commitments. Braasch had encouraged his fiancee to enter the Miss World Puerto Rico pageant, and she had to remain single in order to be eligible. Now that she has finished her pageant commitments, she is free to get married. The plan since early on was to get married in Puerto Rico, where Pepin is originally from, and that plan has not changed.

Braasch and Pepin recently talked with Bachelor Nation and shared some updates. She detailed she is done with pageants now and “I’m focused on wedding planning!” Although the “Bachelor in Paradise” stars are in the early stages of the planning process, they have pinned down some key aspects of their nuptials. They have picked a date in November 2023 for their wedding, and they have narrowed down their list of possible venues to four or five spots. They plan to travel to Puerto Rico within a matter of weeks to see the venues in person and make a decision.

The ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Couple Is Making Progress in Their Planning

Braasch shared that the wedding in Puerto Rico would be “a bit smaller with family,” and added the couple would plan a bigger celebration in Chicago to take place after that. Pepin cautioned, however, that her fiance might “be underestimating size for the Puerto Rican wedding a bit because my family is gonna show up in droves. I think we’ll have at least 100.” She added they would be inviting quite a few “Bachelor Nation” friends to the Chicago event, and their dogs will be at both events too. Pepin told ET Online she thought their plan with events in both Puerto Rico and Chicago was “a good middle ground.”

Pepin has been sketching dresses and has a friend who will create a custom dress for her Puerto Rican wedding. The “Bachelor in Paradise” star also has already picked out a dress for her Chicago wedding celebration. Braasch shared he will probably go fairly traditional with a black tuxedo, but he will also add a touch of his personality by wearing “Jordans instead of dress shoes!”

The couple admitted they have experienced some sticker shock in planning the wedding due to how expensive everything is, and Braasch joked that was why he wasn’t necessarily all that involved in planning the Puerto Rico portion of their nuptials. They know they want a good photo booth, but it seems many other specifics are still in the works. The “Bachelor in Paradise” stars have shared a lot about the progression of their relationship since falling in love, and fans will be eager to see their wedding finally come together.

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