Mari Pepin Gives Surprising Update to Wedding With Kenny Braasch

ABC Mari Pepin and Kenny Braasch share details about their wedding plans.

Bachelor in Paradise” stars Mari Pepin and Kenny Braasch are officially in wedding planning mode, but there’s one major detail they can’t commit to.

The couple, who got engaged during the season 7 finale of the ABC dating show in 2021, currently live together in Chicago, but they will head to Mari’s birthplace of Puerto Rico for their wedding.

The Puerto Rico wedding locale isn’t a huge surprise. Not only does most of Mari’s family live there, but Mari is currently a contestant for Miss World Puerto Rico 2022, where she will represent her hometown of Luquillo, she announced on Instagram in March 2022.  But it’s that possible pageant title that is putting a major wrench in the couple’s wedding plans.

Mari & Kenny Are Planning an Outdoor Wedding in Puerto Rico

During an appearance on the “Talking It Out With Bachelor Nation” podcast in April 2022, Mari gave details about her wedding plans.

“We agreed that we will get married in Puerto Rico,” the bride-to-be told podcast hosts Mike Johnson and  Bryan Abasolo. “I have a lot of extended family there — my grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles.”

She added that she and Kenny recently went on “an amazing trip to Puerto Rico that was “all about getting into that process of wedding planning and getting ideas.”

“I thought I already had a ton of ideas because I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to this,” she dished. “But now I’m like, ‘I want that color. I want this cake, but I want that cake too.’ It’s a mess.”

“We have narrowed it down to four venues now, but we haven’t seen them all in person just yet, but I’ve seen the pictures online,” she added. “I really want to do something outdoors for the ceremony and something indoors for the party. I know that I want a tropical theme. Tropical flowers — nice and colorful.”

 Mari also teased that boy band manager Kenny’s band will “probably” perform at the wedding.

Mari & Kenny Have Not Set a Date Yet Because She isn’t Allowed To

In an Amazon Live last fall, Kenny and Mari teased plans to wed in either the fall of 2022 or the fall of 2023. But in the podcast update, Mari explained that she can’t set a date right now due to the Miss World Puerto Rico pageant.

Mari explained that she is only eligible to compete because she is not married yet, and the outcome of the pageant will determine her wedding date.

“It all depends on the pageant,” she said. “That’s actually the reason we don’t have a date yet. Because if I win, I cannot be married with the title so we’ll have to wait until my year as the titleholder is up. If I don’t win, we could get married literally the next day. So that’s what we’re waiting on to see. Fingers crossed that I win, but if not then we get to get married sooner, which is great.”

Mari added that she would want to be married for a year or two before having kids.

Mari will be officially competing for Miss World Puerto Rico in June, 2022 according to Bachelor Nation.

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