WATCH: ‘Listen to Your Heart’ Winners Weigh in on Clare Crawley’s Relationship

Chris and Bri on 'The Bachelorette'

ABC/Craig Sjodin 'Listen to Your Heart' winners Chris Watson and Bri Stauss performed during a date on 'The Bachelorette.'

Before Clare Crawley and Dale Moss became engaged, the couple went on their first, and last, one-on-one date. She wore a red gown and he donned a suit as the couple walked out to a performance by Listen to Your Heart winners, Bri Stauss and Chris Watson.

The duo, known as Chris and Bri, sat down with Rachel Lindsay on Extra to discuss their experience on The Bachelorette.

When Lindsay asked for their take on the season, Stauss said, “I think she’s teaching a lesson to a lot of women to just go for what you want… There is something to be said about being confident enough and loving yourself enough to know what you deserve and to not play all these people just because that’s how it’s been done all these other years.” Watson echoed her sentiment, saying, “Don’t waste people’s time, make it happen.”

With Crawley and Moss facing backlash and accusations of previous communication, the former Bachelorette asked, “You get to see them in a way most people haven’t, so we gotta know what was it like, what was your impression?”

Watson spoke highly of their connection, saying, “It’s real, we could feel the love from them.” He continued, telling the entertainment news program, “We’re singing a song about love to these people who are head over heels all in for each other… It made me so happy seeing Clare so happy, Dale as well, he’s ready for it.”


Apparently, the connection was contagious, as Stauss said, “We’re singing and they were just all into each other… I was trying to get closer to Chris while we were singing, it was beautiful.” Watson backed her up, saying, “That’s when you know it’s real love when you’re like d*** we should be holding hands right now!”

They revealed they had the chance to speak with the soon-to-be-engaged couple. “I had to tell Clare that she did a good job picking a tall, dark, and handsome guy,” Watson told Lindsay. “Dale’s a really charming dude… I see why Clare ended up with him.”

Fans of the popular dating franchise first met Chris and Bri on the first season of Listen to Your Heart which aired earlier this year.

Stauss and Watson Are Still Together

Crawley and Moss watched on as the musical couple played “Found You” off of their debut titular album. The song was inspired by their experience on The Bachelor spinoff which combined a Bachelor in Paradise format with a musical competition.

The couple competed against others who were eliminated, being judged by celebrities and Bachelor Nation stars on their talent and romance. Stauss first told Watson “I love you” during the fourth episode while onstage.

Ten months later and the couple is still together. “There’s been so many new things we have had to do and experience together and it’s been an absolute blast,” Watson said on Extra.

Stauss added, “We just continue to grow stronger and it feels good.”

Next up, the couple just announced a Christmas EP.

Crawley Said She Plays the Song Daily

Crawley and Moss recently discussed their one-on-one date while appearing on Bachelor Happy Hour. When speaking of “Found You,” Crawley said, “That song, I still cry and I still play it every single day.”

“It’s your song,” responded Lindsay.

Crawley referred to them as “just everything,” while also revealing the musical couple performed a cover of Beyoncé’s “XO.”

“I literally have goosebumps right now thinking about it. And we’ve talked about how much, literally for the last few months, like we can’t wait to see this back,” said Moss. “Because in that moment, and anyone who sees it, I know like who saw it, it’s undeniable what we felt and it was so beautiful.”

Crawley continued, telling Lindsay and co-host Becca Kufrin “One of those moments where you’re like it can’t get better than this, it can not get better than this… in life.” She added, “This is everything I’ve ever dreamed of.”

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