‘Bachelorette’ Frontrunner Admits Support for Becoming Lead ‘Makes Me Happy’

Bachelorette Contenders

Heavy/ABC A contender for "The Bachelorette" reveals her interest.

The finale of Joey Graziadei’s season of “The Bachelor” airs on March 25, and chances are that one of his ladies will become the next “Bachelorette.”

ABC has not announced their pick yet, although that may happen on finale night. In the meantime, one potential contender for the role was asked about her interest in getting the gig.

Graziadei eliminated Maria Georgas after her hometown date. Many fans immediately started rallying to see her named “The Bachelorette.” In all likelihood, the next lead will come from Graziadei’s top four. Sometimes, however, ABC goes outside of that group. That possibility has some viewers also rooting to see Jenn Tran get a shot.

The “Women Tell All” special airs on March 18, and as that episode begins, Graziadei still has Daisy Kent, Kelsey Anderson, and Rachel Nance remaining. The WTA special has already been taped, and Georgas was asked about her interest in becoming “The Bachelorette.” Is she interested in being the next lead?

Here’s what you need to know:

Maria Georgas Is Appreciative She Might Be Considered

E! News chatted with Georgas at the filming of the WTA and asked her about being “The Bachelorette.” “I always wanted to be on the show, but not once did I ever think I could get the opportunity to be the ‘Bachelorette,'” Georgas said (via Screenrant).

Has ABC approached Georgas about being the 2024 season “Bachelorette” lead? She would not reveal any details on that front.

She told E! News (via Reality TV World), “It’s amazing that people think that I can do that. So I’m just appreciative of that.” Georgas added, “And it makes me happy.”

Georgas also admitted if she had a chance to pursue another season within Bachelor Nation, “Maybe the second time I’d do it better.”

“The Bachelor” star continued, “And I would get my head in the game. Well, actually, I’d get out of my head.” She acknowledged that she struggled at times while filming “The Bachelor.”

In retrospect, Georgas admitted she wished she “took a second to myself to take a couple deep breaths and [tell myself], ‘Don’t do anything that’s going to jeopardize this.’ Hindsight is 20/20.”

Many ‘Bachelorette’ Fans Are Rooting for Georgas

Georgas seems to have a lot of support from franchise fans who want to see her as “The Bachelorette.” After Graziadei eliminated her from “The Bachelor,” fans voiced support for the idea.

One comment on Georgas’ Instagram page read, “My heart sank mariaaaaa but girl we know you’re going to give us one SPICY bachelorette season!!!!!”

Another follower wrote, “MISS BACHELORETTE 🎀🎀🎀🎀.”

“Ugh, I am DEVASTATED! … I predict he ends up with no one, and Maria ends up as the next bachelorette,” added someone else.

Georgas was the clear winner in a poll in “The Bachelor” subreddit regarding everybody’s preference for the next “Bachelorette” lead.

“Maria is the only choice,” one Redditor declared.

“If it’s not Maria then that would be such a mistake,” another Redditor wrote.

In his March 15 “Daily Roundup” podcast, spoiler king Reality Steve mentioned “The Bachelorette” casting. He has previously said he believes either Georgas or Kent will be the 2024 “Bachelorette” lead.

“I’m hearing rumblings the decision has been made, but I have no idea who it is,” Reality Steve noted in his latest podcast. He continued, “That’s the latest I’ve got. That they have chosen somebody. Like I said…it’s between Maria and Daisy.”

An official announcement and the beginning of filming for “The Bachelorette” should both be coming soon.