‘BiP’ Star Pens Touching Tribute to Former Love on Tough Anniversary

Season 8 'Bachelor in Paradise' cast

ABC The initial cast of "Bachelor in Paradise" season 8.

During Katie Thurston’s season of “The Bachelorette,” viewers felt heartbroken for contestant Michael Allio. He joined Thurston’s season hoping to find love again, and there was certainly a significant spark with Thurston. This was a big step for Allio, though, as he was still recovering from the loss of his wife, Laura. This week, on the anniversary of Laura’s death, Allio shared a beautiful tribute to his wife that “Bachelor Nation” fans will not want to miss.

Here’s what you need to know:

Michael Allio’s Wife Laura Died 4 Years Ago

On January 23, Allio shared an array of photos on his Instagram page, and he included a touching, lengthy caption. The “Bachelorette” star noted it had been four years since Laura died, and he was struggling to find the right words to honor her. Instead of the words flowing easily, Allio revealed, “My body is paralyzed… my mind adrift… as I sit idle… aimlessly staring at the frozen, snowy ground outside my office window.” As he reflected on his memories from 16 years of being with Laura, Allio admitted, “It hurts to remember, but instead of looking away, today, I’m forced to look within.”

Fans will remember that Allio chose to leave “The Bachelorette” just before the hometown dates in order to return home to his son. However, Allio later joined the cast for season 8 of “Bachelor in Paradise,” and he found love there. His romance with Danielle Maltby has thrived in the real world, and Maltby is moving to Ohio soon to be close to Allio and his son. Despite having found love again, “Laura is and will always be a part of me,” the “Bachelor Nation” star shared in his tribute post.

Allio Received Love & Support From ‘Bachelor Nation’

As Allio continued his tribute to his departed wife, he acknowledged his message might be confusing to those who have “never had to experience deep loss and debilitating grief” like what he and Laura’s other loved ones have. He urged others in a similar place to ask for help and look for hope. “Above all, never forget that life is beautiful. Laura knew this better than anyone,” the former “Bachelor in Paradise” star wrote. He closed out his caption by noting he and his son James miss Laura deeply, and “I hope you’re proud of me because none of this has been easy without you.” Allio received a lot of love from “Bachelor Nation” in response to his heartfelt post.

“Crazy how much James looks like her. I know days like today aren’t easy but she is so proud of both of you. Love ya brotha!” commented Mikey Planeta, who was also on Thurston’s season of “The Bachelorette.”

“Beautiful message. Thanks for sharing a piece of your heart. Sending love!” added Susie Evans.

“When you said on the show ‘Laura would have loved you’ that hit hard. That’s all that matters. The best way to honor your marriage is by finding someone she would be proud to see you with,” detailed a supporter.

“Thank you for continuing to share the tricky and complex parts of love in widowhood – it’s so much better than seeing the typical ‘live laugh love’ bs littering my feed,” added someone else who found Allio’s caption “extremely relatable.”

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