‘Bachelorette’ Fans Go Gaga Over Recent Pairing & Want Lots More

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Pixabay Two girlfriends hang out at sunset.

Fans of “The Bachelorette” may have felt disheartened by a run of breakups and scandals in recent seasons, but some positives have had fans swooning as well. After Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey’s season ended, a new pairing developed that people cannot seem to get enough of. There is no romance in this case, but Recchia and former “Bachelorette” Michelle Young have seemingly become quite close over the past couple of months, and they appear to be living their best lives while navigating the world as single women again.

Here’s what you need to know:

Rachel Recchia & Michelle Young Share Fun Encounters Via Social Media

As “Bachelorette” fans saw during Recchia and Windey’s finale, only one engagement lasted long enough for the couple to be together at the live “After the Final Rose.” Windey remains engaged to Erich Schwer, but Recchia split with Tino Franco prior to the finale airing. While in California for the finale and events afterward, she spent time with Young and the two clearly hit it off.

Young knows a bit about navigating the world after a broken “Bachelorette” engagement. She was engaged to Nayte Olukoya, but their relationship did not last long in the real world. Both Young and Recchia have moved to California since ending their seasons and their engagements, and they are showing off their fun personalities while hanging out with one another. A late September TikTok on Young’s page showed the fun vibe the two ladies have together, and “Bachelorette” fans loved it.

“This friendship brings me more peace than the show ever has,” one fan commented.

“I’m obsessed with this duo,” added another.

“Y’all found each other at the perfect time – we stan,” someone else gushed.

Young & Recchia’s Vibe Together Has ‘Bachelorette’ Fans Swooning

The occasional TikToks have continued to emerge from both Young and Recchia, and every one of them gets “Bachelorette” fans talking. The two seem to share a similar sense of humor and act as if they have been great friends for a long time. A mid-October TikTok Young shared showed her twerking while the two ladies drank wine, and Young joked “Only tea spilled” during the evening, no wine.

“One of the best friendships to come out of this franchise,” raved a fan.

“The energy is immaculate,” added another.

“I LOVE THIS. Wine night with you two would be epic… I’ll bring the wine next time,” someone else suggested.

Another mid-October post on Young’s page prompted similar comments. Some “Bachelorette” fans suggested they were “obsessed with this duo” and someone else noted, “the most solid relationships coming out of the franchise are between the former bachelorettes.” One consistent theme across the multiple posts was that fans wanted to see more and more “Rachelle” content.

“The friendship we didn’t know we needed,” added another fan.

“The Bachelorette” fans on Reddit seem similarly smitten with “Rachelle.”

“Truly the only reason I watch this stupid show anymore. Love this Michelle x Rachel collab hope it lasts 4ever,” declared one Redditor.

“Their friendship is just utterly charming!” someone else gushed.