‘Bachelorette’ Shares Update on Potential Reunion With Fan-Favorite Runner-Up

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A recent “Bachelorette” star played a little coy when asked about the status of a romantic reunion with her runner-up. Rachel Recchia accepted an invitation from Aven Jones during her rough “After the Final Rose” special, and “Bachelor Nation” fans want the scoop on what happened when the cameras stopped rolling. Are Jones and Recchia together? Are they considering restarting their romance? Recchia teasingly shared some insight when she joined Kaitlyn Bristowe on a recent episode of her “Off the Vine” podcast.

Here’s what you need to know:

Rachel Recchia Remains Open to the Possibility

Bristowe wasted little time during her October 11 “Off the Vine” podcast in asking Recchia if there is a “Raven” these days. “Raven” is the nickname Bristowe assigned to the combination of “Rachel” and “Aven,” and Recchia was willing to share a little bit of an update. Initially, the “Bachelorette” star simply exclaimed, “I don’t know!” Luckily, for fans who are rooting for this pair to give love another shot together, Recchia did share a little bit more. “I just care about him so much, that I genuinely just want him to be happy – in whatever capacity that is, with me, or, whatever it is, I just want to see him just thriving.”

Recchia added, “So what’s to come? I don’t know. I’m definitely, definitely open to seeing what happens.” Recchia also pointed out that there were two people involved in this, and they had both been through a lot. Bristowe still wanted more, though. She asked where things stood for Recchia and Jones now, wondering if they were hanging out, dating, or were on hold from pursuing this for any reason. “The Bachelorette” explained at this point, they were free to do what they wanted in this regard, essentially noting there were no show-related restrictions in place.

‘The Bachelorette’ Suggested She’s Open to Finding Romance Again

“The Bachelorette” also detailed she just returned to Los Angeles, California, where she has moved to after living in Florida. Jones is based in San Diego, California, so it is certainly workable for the two to spend time together without too much effort. Recchia teased “I think we’re both gonna just see where it goes, if it goes.” Whether she finds love with Jones or elsewhere, Recchia suggested she is ready to move forward with her life. She is eager to get back to work in some sense, as she loves being a pilot and misses that.

In addition, Recchia explained she is open to whatever may come, and that includes potentially dating again soon. While she’s not “actively dating” yet, Recchia revealed, “I’m not in a position where I’m so broken and need months to heal. I’ve been doing the work” to heal from her broken engagement to final rose recipient Tino Franco. Recchia seems open to exploring whether the sparks could still fly with Jones, but she is not locked into that specific possibility either. “The Bachelorette” star is keeping her options open at this stage, and fans will be eager to see what comes next for her.