Former Bachelor Trashes ‘Punk’ Contestant on The Bachelorette

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It’s safe to say Nick Viall isn’t a fan of Ed Waisbrot. In episode six of The Bachelorette, Waisbrot had a lengthy quarrel with fellow contestant Chasen Nick who was accused by Waisbrot of being on the show for the wrong reasons.

“Last week, I talked about how to be careful about how you talk about people as humans versus characters on a TV show,” Viall said on his podcast Viall Files. “But I hate Ed as a human. I feel like I’ve watched enough and I’ve been in that world to know that he just kinda sucks. He’s playing into his own insecurities and he sucks.”

Viall, 40, has plenty of experience in the Bachelor world. He was the runner-up in both seasons 10 and 11 of The Bachelorette, appeared on season three of Bachelor in Paradise, then served as lead of season 21 of The Bachelor.

While episode six was airing, Viall took to Twitter to repeatedly trash Waisbrot.

He wasn’t exactly alone. Plenty of viewers were annoyed by Waisbrot stirring up drama over not much of anything. He twice tattled to Tayshia about the words and actions of Chasen Nick whose crime was mostly that he had a lackluster vocabulary. When he described Tayshia as a “smokeshow” multiple times, it annoyed both contestants and viewers of the show.

“She’s hot. She’s hot. Oh my god, I’m a criminal,” Viall joked on his podcast. “Like we all have go-to moves and sayings and whatever, and it seems so petty.”

Nick Viall Was Impressed With Chasen’s Willingness to Apologize

Viall was insistent on his podcast that Chasen did nothing wrong. While his producer Krissy Lindquist was annoyed by the repeated use of the word “smokeshow,” Viall defended him and said he was especially impressed with the way Chasen tried to put the situation to bed.

“That interaction between Chasen and Ed, he barely even got heated up, and then he ended up apologizing for it,” Viall said. “Chasen got called out by Tayshia for it and you know what he did? He said ‘You know what? I’m just going to try to do the right thing and apologize.’ For something he barely even did! When have you ever seen that on the show? I felt like he handled it like a champ.

“He didn’t threaten him. He was just like ‘Please don’t do that,’ and yeah, he’s a bigger guy and he definitely was mad, and it all got used against him. I felt like the way he didn’t make excuses, he was like ‘Alright, Tayshia you’re right.’ He went up to Ed — Ed who’s been a punk the whole episode — and tried to squash it, and Ed was just even more of a punk.”

Viall said he had a soft spot for Chasen, because he said he too was a victim of manufactured drama on the show.

Nick Viall Hasn’t Been Afraid to Roast Contestants & Leads on Twitter

Ed Waisbrot can at least take comfort in knowing he’s far from the first to get criticized by Viall. Even show leads aren’t safe from the former Bachelor.

Earlier this season of The Bachelorette, he made fun of Clare Crawley for saying she’s 39 and knows what she wants, but acting like a 17-year old with a crush. He also took a shot at contestant Bennett Jordan during episode six for making excuses for his embarrassing showing during a math and spelling quiz group date.

Waisbrot probably won’t be the last contestant on this season of The Bachelorette to get roasted by Viall.

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