Is Chasen Nick on The Bachelorette for the ‘Wrong Reasons’?

Chasen Nick and Tayshia Adams

ABC Chasen Nick has his motivations called into question during episode six of The Bachelorette.

Being “there for the wrong reasons” is a staple criticism in The Bachelor/Bachelorette world and this time it’s Chasen Nick in the crosshairs.

After five episodes with Nick mostly in the background, an accusation that he’s insincere comes out of left field in episode six of The Bachelorette. According to spoilers expert Reality Steve, fellow contestant Ed Waisbrot tells Nick that he’s a “fraud, phony, an actor,” and that he’s been using the same lines on Tayshia Adams that he used during Clare Crawley’s time as the show’s lead.

In a preview for the show, ABC showed Chasen describing Tayshia as a “smokeshow,” which evidently annoyed off other contestants, including Ed. In an Instagram post, Chasen showed the promo and added the hashtag #overreactionofthecentury.

A feud between Ed and Chasen ensues and it eventually forces Tayshia to have a conversation with Chasen regarding his motivations.

So is it true? Is Chasen not actually on the show to find the love of his life?

Who Is Chasen Nick?

If you’re struggling to put a face to the name, that’s understandable. Even after arriving in a coat of shining armor, Chasen still had precious little camera time during the Clare Crawley-Dale Moss love story that absorbed the attention of the first four episodes.

His most notable moments in the first portion of the season were a brief conversation with Clare about being a late bloomer that eventually sparked an online controversy about Crawley’s high school dance attendance record, as well as the time he walked in on Clare and Dale canoodling during some alone time.

Chasen is a 31-year-old account executive at an IT company in San Diego, California. He’s also a model represented by No Ties Management.

He’s also an accomplished swimmer who competed collegiately at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and, according to his, “once swam from San Francisco to Alcatraz wearing only a pink speedo.” Chasen spent some time as a swim coach in Walnut Creek, California.

At some point after filming ended, Chasen broke his wrist, although he never revealed how it happened. Perhaps Chasen is out to perpetuate his modeling career with his appearance on the show, but his career in IT and his personality thus far on the show have given little reason to think he’s being deceitful with Tayshia.

Will Calling Chasen Out Backfire on Ed?

Generally speaking, it’s better to stay out of the drama if you’re hoping to navigate your way to the final rose. Getting the lead’s attention is the only thing that matters and it’s only going to muddy your path if a quarrel with a fellow contestant is brought to the forefront.

So Ed is really stepping out on a ledge with his criticism of Chasen. On the one hand, it could be a way to get a contender out of the way and get Ed one step closer to winning over Tayshia. But on the other hand, episode one was a perfect example of minding your own business being the best way to go.

Tyler Cottrill learned that the hard way when he confronted Yosef Aborady over rumors he heard about the latter just prior to the start of filming. Yosef went straight to Clare about the accusations and Tyler was left looking like he was stirring up trouble. While Tyler proved to be right about Yosef, he was still sent home on night one.

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