Nick Viall Reacts to Zach Shallcross’s Conversation With Jess

Nick Viall & Zach Shallcross

Getty Nick Viall reacts to Zach Shallcross as "The Bachelor"

Nick Viall took to Twitter after the Monday, February 27 episode of “The Bachelor” to share his opinion on the current lead Zach Shallcross.

The former Bachelor criticized Zach for how he handled his conversation with contestant Jess Girod, calling him a “d***” on Twitter.

Here’s what you need to know:

Nick Calls Out Zach on Twitter

On Monday night’s episode, Jess pulled Zach aside to express her concerns about not receiving a one-on-one date. Zach initially said he was “confused” by the conversation because he felt “confident” in their connection. But as the conversation progressed, Zach admitted he felt “a disconnect” and sent the 23-year-old home.

Nick was not impressed with how Zach handled the conversation. He took to Twitter after the episode aired to defend Jess.

“That’s 2 weeks in row now Zach was a total d*** to one of the woman,” he wrote in a February 27 tweet, “It’s literally all about the one on one. Zach knows that. He made Jess feel like she messed up for expressing a valid concern.”

Nick followed up his initial statement with another tweet a few minutes later.

“Zach is acting like the guy who gets mad at his girlfriend for not letting him know she wanted validation on her birthday,” he wrote.

Fans React to Zach’s Conversation With Jess

Nick wasn’t the only one who wasn’t a fan of how Zach handled Jess’s departure from the show. Fans took to Reddit on February 28 to share their thoughts on Zach’s conversation with Jess.

“I am SO disappointed in how he treated Jess with zero empathy,” one Reddit user wrote. “I am not sure why he is acting like one on one dates are not important and he got annoyed with her for being sad that she hadn’t gotten individual time with him yet. I felt like that was a huge red flag.”

“This was such a weird encounter and showed an utter lack of empathy on Zach’s part,” another user wrote.

“Zach has been giving very red [flags] these past two weeks. First [with] Greer last week and now [with] Jess this week,” a third user replied.

While some fans criticized Zach, other Reddit users defended his choice to send the Florida native packing.

“Unpopular opinion it seems, but she was digging her own grave,” a fourth user suggested. “It’s a competition and he was validating her relationship with him and then she kept complaining and complaining up to the point where he was not interested in pursuing it anymore.”

“I think he is just hyper-sensitive to anyone working the process,” a fifth user wrote. “He got a sniff of gameplay mentality and freaked out.”

Nick Says Zach Owes Greer an Apology

Monday night was not the first time the 42-year-old has expressed issues with the current Bachelor.

On the February 21 episode of his podcast “The Viall Files,” Nick slammed Zach for how he spoke to Greer Blitzer during the virtual cocktail party.

On the February 20 episode of “The Bachelor,” Zach tested positive for COVID-19, forcing him to quarantine and miss out on time with the women.

The lead tried to compensate for lost time by hosting a virtual cocktail party.

During the virtual party, Greer tried to relate to Zach’s COVID-19 experience by bringing up the pressure of her job.

“I had COVID at the end of the quarter during year-end, so it messed with my career in sales,” she said on the February 20 episode.

Zach wasn’t impressed by Greer’s comment. He shot back, “It’s not the same.”

Nick called out Zach for how he treated Greer on his podcast.

“I absolutely think Zach owes Greer an apology,” he told listeners.

“The Bachelor” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard time on ABC.

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