JUST IN: Reality Steve Reveals Major Spoiler That Rachel Recchia Doesn’t Know About

Rachel Recchia

ABC Rachel Recchia.

“The Bachelorette” fans are eagerly waiting to see how Tuesday night’s finale plays out for both Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey. Plenty of spoilers have swirled around over the past couple of weeks, and viewers may think they already know what to expect. However, spoiler king Reality Steve just dropped a major tidbit that could change everything for one of these ladies.

An Eliminated Suitor Returns for a Second Chance

Reality Steve typically tweets throughout each episode of “The Bachelorette,” but he does not usually drop bombshells. Shortly before Tuesday night’s finale began, however, he did just that.

“(BREAKING SPOILER NEWS): Aven is at the ATFR tonight & he’s going to ask Rachel to date post show. I don’t think Rachel knows he’s there,” Reality Steve revealed. He continued, “Not sure I buy this. Seems being done more to give Rachel some happiness to end the show a la Tyler C asking Hannah Brown out on her ATFR.”

Reality Steve added, “Yes, Hannah asked Tyler C, but the point being he knew what was coming.”

A few minutes later, he added more in another tweet regarding this massive “Bachelorette” spoiler. “That last tweet wasn’t speculation regarding Aven. He’s showing up to ask her out. And I highly doubt Rachel will say no on live national TV. America would hate her.”

Before “Bachelorette” fans get too excited about this, however, Reality Steve suggested this may not be all that sincere. “I’m just saying that I don’t think Aven is doing this for anything more than production is asking him to do it.”

Fans Have a Big Reaction to This Spoiler

The reaction to this development from “Bachelorette” fans was immediate. One fan responded to Reality Steve by simply posting a GIF of a dumpster fire. Someone else tweeted, “I heard he was coming for whomever is available…” along with a GIF of Blake Moynes. As “Bachelorette” fans will remember, Moynes was one of Clare Crawley’s suitors, stuck around for Tayshia Adams’ run, then showed up again for Katie Thurston’s season. He got engaged to Thurston, but their relationship imploded after a few months.

“She treated him poorly he should thank his lucky stars that he dodged a bullet and move on,” another “Bachelorette” fan suggested of Jones returning for Recchia.

“Aven is a keeper. Rachel better not break his heart a second time,” added another fan.

“No one should be someone’s consolation prize. I hope this doesn’t happen (and I like both of them),” tweeted another viewer.

Could this really turn into something positive for Recchia after such a difficult season? Or, could this crash and burn quickly as it did with Brown and Cameron during her “Bachelorette” season?

While it has not happened yet on “The Bachelorette,” there is a precedent for a lead and runner-up to successfully reunite in the franchise. That happened with both Jason Mesnick and Arie Luyendyk, Jr. during their seasons, and both men remain happily married with children to their former runner-up ladies. It’s too soon to make any assumptions that the same thing could happen with Recchia and Jones too, but many “Bachelorette” fans are eager to see how this plays out.

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