‘Bachelor’ Fans Are Unfollowing Sean Lowe After He Posts Controversial Video of His Sons

Sean Lowe

Heavy/Getty "The Bachelor" and DWTS alum Sean Lowe has fans mad.

Former “The Bachelor” and “Dancing with the Stars” star Sean Lowe recently shared what he thought was simply a fun video of his sons via one of his social media pages. Quite a few of his followers loved it, but there was a large contingent of people who reacted quite negatively to it.

Here’s what you need to know:

Sean Lowe Shared Video of His Sons Goofing Off in the Yard

On November 14, Lowe shared a short video clip on Instagram featuring his sons Samuel and Isaiah. “Back by popular demand… ‘It’s a long weenie world,'” he wrote in the caption.

The two boys, Lowe’s sons with his “Bachelor” final rose recipient wife, Catherine Giudici, were playing together in the backyard of the family’s Texas home. As Us Weekly shared, the couple’s son Samuel is the oldest, having been born in July 2016.

“The Bachelor” stars welcomed their second son, Isaiah, in May 2018. Then, the pair’s daughter Mia, came in December 2019.

Lowe was lounging in the backyard, and Mia seemed to be on his lap. As they relaxed, Samuel and Isaiah took the initiative to create a game of their own.

Both boys were in just their underwear, and they poked sticks down the front. Then, both boys ran around the yard for a bit.

Samuel could be heard noting, “It looks like a long weenie.” Then, he sang “It’s a long weenie world” as he pranced around the yard.

While it was all in good fun, not all “The Bachelor” and “Dancing with the Stars” fans thought it was appropriate to post online publicly.

“I’m unfollowing you because I don’t respect you as a parent nor your placing your own children in harms way,” one former follower commented. A couple of others commented on that particular note to say they were doing the same.

“Unfollowing because I don’t want to see or support anymore inappropriate child content,” wrote another.

Someone else echoed the sentiment. “I have to unfollow you now, Sean. Why on God’s green earth would you post this????????”

“I get your humor and have always enjoyed seeing your family, but I don’t agree with your choice to put your kids in their underwear on Instagram or any other site for anyone and everyone to see,” one follower noted. She continued, “I wish parents would think about these things first before trying to garner laughs.”

That comment received over 265 “likes” and sparked several comments from others. Most of those commenting agreed with the idea the video should not have been shared.

The Criticism Over Lowe’s Post Was Intense

Lowe’s video did receive nearly 30,000 likes and over 1,200 comments. There was a lot of criticism, but there were some followers who thought it was funny.

Lauren Zima, who just married former “The Bachelor” host Chris Harrison, quipped that Harrison does the same thing at home that the boys did.

“Best thing on the internet today,” commented one of Lowe’s fans.

Lowe’s father, Jay, joked, “Oh, I’m saving this for the first time they bring a girlfriend over to meet Papa Jay and Lovie. Oh yeah. Can’t wait!”

“Might be the best video ever 😂😂😂,” declared someone else
“4 boys over here 🙋🏻‍♀️ ages 20-9. I can relate! You don’t teach them any of that stuff yet somehow, they come up with it all on their own 😂 🤣,” another comment read.
As much as some “The Bachelor” and “Dancing with the Stars” fans enjoyed the video, it seemed the comments were more critical than positive as a whole.
“As a parent, do better. Not everything needs to be shared on social media. These are your children. Protect them at all costs,” criticized one person.
Another critical comment read, “Posting your kids in their underwear on the internet is so unsettling for more reasons than one!”
Lowe’s Instagram post was shared in “The Bachelor” subreddit and received similar criticism.
“I’m so sick and tired of influencers exploiting their children online and turning a blind eye to the danger that these kinds of posts generate,” wrote one Redditor. They continued, “Huge red flags that 1. he thought it would be ok to record this and 2. he thought it would be ok to share it with his million followers???”
“I loved Sean’s season, and I think he and Catherine are certified bachelor nation royalty, but this is disgusting. He clearly doesn’t take predators seriously. I hope his children stay safe despite their father’s egregious stupidity,” slammed someone else.
Neither Lowe nor Giudici seem to have directly responded to any of the criticism. In addition, as of this writing, the video is still on “The Bachelor” star’s Instagram page.
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