Arie & Lauren Luyendyk Share Monumental Family Moment With Fans

Arie and Lauren Luyendyk

YouTube "The Bachelor" stars Arie and Lauren Luyendyk share fun family updates.

The last few months have provided Lauren and Arie Luyendyk with many notable moments to celebrate. “The Bachelor” stars are raising three children together, and the couple regularly keeps fans updated on how they are all doing. On August 9, a new milestone was hit within the family, and “Bachelor” fans immediately went wild over the news.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Luyendyk Family Has Another Walker

Just a couple of weeks ago, Arie and Lauren shared a video showing their son, Lux Luyendyk, taking his first steps. The twins celebrated their first birthday in June and now they are both hitting big, new milestones. When Lux started walking, Arie and Lauren both agreed Senna would likely not be far behind. Sure enough, she just took her first steps, too.

Lauren shared the fabulous news on her Instagram page, captioning the video simply, “senna’s first steps” with an emoji signaling this was an emotional moment for her. The video clip was in black-and-white and showed Senna in the family room area of the family’s home in Hawaii. This was the same spot where Lux took his first independent steps as well.

Lux had a serious look of concentration on his face when he took his first independent steps, whereas Senna was full of smiles and giggles. Arie was out of the frame of the video, with just his hands appearing as he reached out to catch Senna, and Lauren was visibly cheering her younger daughter on as she toddled back and forth between her parents.

Fans Gushed Over Senna’s Big Accomplishment

When Lauren shared a glimpse of Senna’s first steps via her Instagram stories, she teased, “look out [Earth emoji] the Luyendyk twins are both officially walking!! Proud mama.” Based on the phrasing Lauren used, it sounded as if Senna had already taken her first official steps shortly before the video was taken, and now they were encouraging her to show off her new skill on camera. “The Bachelor” fans flooded the comments section of Lauren’s video post with loving notes celebrating Senna’s adorable steps.

“Crying cuz I remember when she was just born and had to stay at the hospital. Look how far she’s come!!!” one fan noted.

“Oh… my heart. I love watching babies learn to walk. They’re always so proud!” someone else commented.

“Love!! She knows she’s doing something great!” another supporter praised.

Over the past few months, Arie and Lauren have celebrated their older daughter Alessi’s third birthday, the first birthday of the twins, and now the first steps of both twins. They are having what appears to be a magical summer in Hawaii at their second home and “The Bachelor” stars are clearly living their best lives these days. Fans know that prior to all of this, Senna had to stay in the hospital for a bit after her birth, and “The Bachelor” stars navigated a heartbreaking miscarriage before the pregnancy with the twins. Both Lauren and Arie were understandably a little emotional with both Lux and Senna’s first steps, but their fans shared their own similar experiences and supported the couple through their wide range of emotions.