‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers 2021 for Episode 2

Matt James and Sarah Trott

ABC Matt James and Sarah Trott on a date on an episode of The Bachelor.

Matt James introduced himself to the ABC audience, as did the 32 women vying for his heart, on episode one of The Bachelor a week ago. But now that the number of contestants has been trimmed to 24, it’s time for dates to start.

Typical episodes in the past at this stage of a season have featured two group dates and one lucky woman going on a one-on-one date. But James is going to spend one-on-one time with two women, leaving only one absolutely gigantic group date which is being lauded by the show as the largest in Bachelor history.

Here’s what to expect from the second episode of season 25 of The Bachelor.


Sarah & Bri Get 1-on-1 Time

Previews for the upcoming episode have shown Bri Springs riding an ATV with James and spending some time with him in the hot tub. They also showed Sarah Trott flying together in a biplane with James and sharing a glass of champagne. It’s unclear if these are one-on-one dates or if one is a reward for a group date performance (like Kelley Flanagan’s plane ride with Peter Weber), but it’s valuable alone time, either way.

Neither woman escapes the episode scot-free, though.

A sneak peek of the episode posted on YouTube showed James flipping the ATV on to its side (about 10 seconds after asking Springs if she trusted him), forcing the couple to bail out.

Trott has some drama in the episode too. A preview for the episode shared by E! News showed Trott struggling to stand during the rose ceremony and telling someone, “I feel like I’m going to pass out.” Someone who appears to be a medic was then shown asking Trott if she’s alright.

Queen Victoria Steps Into Her Villain Role

“Queen” Victoria Larson was hyped as a villain in season previews, but she didn’t do much in the premiere to own that role aside from calling herself queen several times and refer to Kit Keenan as “princess.”

It looks as though episode two will feature Larson doing more to annoy and bicker with her fellow contestants. The press release for the episode says that Springs’ date with James “triggers an emotional bombshell between the other jealous women, including Victoria.”

In a clip posted by Instagram account @mattchelor.nation, Larson is shown hashing things out with Marylynn Sienna. While Sienna is clearly trying to find a common ground and put a conflict behind them, Larson is unwilling to do so and says they are “like oil and vinegar” before storming off from an exasperated Sienna.

If viewers didn’t have strong feelings about Larson already, they will after episode two, one way or another.

4 Women Are Expected to Go Home

It won’t be too much longer before a handful of additional women, including Heather Martin of season 23 of The Bachelor, try to join the cast. And based on what we know about the final weeks of the season, at least one of those women finds success. But their surprise arrival isn’t expected to happen until after the second episode.

For now, James will cut his number of contestants from 24 to 20 by cutting four loose. According to @bachelorusaspoilers on Instagram, those four women are Alana Milne, Ileana Pennetto, Khaylah Epps, and Sydney Johnson.

ABC already spoiled a few of the rose recipients with their preview that showed Trott nearly passing out. That clip revealed a few women standing with roses while Trott stumbled, including Lauren Maddox, Kit Keenan, and Serena Pitt.

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